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Blake education persuasive writing

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Blake education persuasive writing

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Blake Education Educational Resources and Supplies - Teacher

book essay review Book Review Sample Essay. Persuasive Writing? 21 September 2006. Book Review for Wuthering High. Migration Examples? Having to go to a boarding school and wear a uniform would be traumatic for most teenagers. Persuasive Writing? Add a ban on cell phones and music, and it is like the world is oliver setting, ending. Oddly enough, for Miranda Tate, these things become the education persuasive, least of what goal of the her worries in the 257 page, young adult fiction novel Wuthering High. This novel was written by Cara Lockwood and published by MTV Books. Education Persuasive? Wuthering High is a modern novel that will be examined using a summary of its mystical plot , an analysis of the dynamic character Miranda, and a discussion of the book#8217;s theme about punishments . The summary of this book#8217;s plot combines the dictionary otaku, completely modern with mystical elements that make it truly entertaining. The story opens with Miranda trying to downplay the major discretions, including totaling her dad#8217;s new BMW convertible, that cause her parents to send her to blake education persuasive Bard Academy, a boarding school for juvenile delinquents. For a teenage girl who calls Chicago home, Bard Academy#8217;s location on an island off the coast of Maine seems like halfway across the world.

As soon as Miranda arrives on the island, she knows something just isn#8217;t right about the school. The bus driver drives like a maniac and asks her if she has any drugs. The athletic coach drinks out of dictionary a flask. There are even security personnel called #8220;Guardians#8221; who are allowed to get physical with students. Things get even stranger when Miranda learns that there was a student that disappeared from Bard several years before, and Miranda becomes positive that this girl#8217;s ghost is haunting her.

Over the course of the story, Miranda discovers that there are characters from classic novels, including Heathcliff from the novel Wuthering Heights , running loose around the school. The plot comes to its climax when Miranda and her friends uncover the secret of the school. The staff members are all ghosts that died before their time on earth was supposed to be finished. For that, they have been sentenced to serve at blake persuasive, Bard for what of the in sophocles’, an indeterminate amount of time. The majority of the staff is composed of dead authors, and, unfortunately, one of the dead authors is Emily Bront, who has decided to free fictional characters into the real world, which could cause both the fictional world and the real world to blake education persuasive collapse. If that weren#8217;t enough, Miranda also learns that she is the descendant of Kate Shaw, an escaped character from Wuthering Heights . Emily is stopped when she enters Wuthering Heights and oliver twist setting the book is burned. The main character in the book, Miranda, proves herself to be very dynamic . One of the most obvious changes in her is that her perspective on school, and Bard in particular, has shifted dramatically. At the beginning of the book, Miranda readily admits that she isn#8217;t very focused on school and claims that life is about balance, so she is justified in focusing more on clothes and blake education persuasive writing friends to the point that her grades slip.

She is completely distraught when she learns that she has to go without her cell phone and her hair dryer; she even tries to oliver twist run away from the school. By the end of the persuasive, story, her perspective has completely changed. She is much happier with attending Bard and realizes that the absence of distractions truly does help her focus on studying. Instead of considering what to wear to what of the protagonist play? the next party, she is thinking about scholarships and persuasive getting into forced migration a good college. On a deeper level, Miranda is dynamic because she has become more self-aware. She is unable to make the connection between the lack of blake education writing attention from her parents, who are too concerned with Botox injections and examples a mid-life crisis, and her desire to act out and get herself in trouble. At Bard, Miranda has to attend counseling sessions. During her first session, Ms. W, her dorm mother, teacher, and counselor, asks Miranda about her family. Because her parents are so focused on persuasive writing, themselves, Miranda is the one that generally takes care of what goal herself and her little sister.

Ms. Blake Education Writing? W points out the fact that Miranda#8217;s tendency to get in trouble may be her way of trying to prove to her parents that she is still a kid. Due to this realization, Miranda begins to accept her parents for who they are and accept the fact that it really isn#8217;t her fault that they act the environment marketing, way they do. Although it is not directly stated, it appears that by the end of the novel, Miranda#8217;s impulse to act out persuasive writing, has lessened from setting, what it was at the beginning of the story. Although there are many themes that can be drawn from Wuthering High , one of the primary themes is that punishments can turn into positive experiences if they are approached with an blake education open mind. Miranda may not have started out her experience at Bard with an open mind, but with the help of her new friends and her teachers, she discovers a range of positives about attending a school for delinquents that is run by ghosts. Even though Miranda loves her best friends from home, Liz and Cass, she accepts the fact that it is probably good that she can#8217;t spend a lot of examples time with them anymore because they are a bad influence and increase her chances of getting in trouble.

Also, as was previously mentioned, Miranda realizes that being removed from the distractions of home, including her cell phone and parties, allows her to persuasive writing concentrate on schoolwork and that she doesn#8217;t really mind doing her schoolwork. She seems to have better direction in her life and she has goals beyond dressing well and having a boyfriend. Diageo Competitors? Even her choice in boyfriends improves during her time at Bard. Prior to being sent there, she briefly dated a guy that had a bad reputation; on a date, he spiked her drink with alcohol. At Bard, she becomes closer to a guy that she knew from her old school, and blake persuasive he genuinely cares about her. Instead of urban otaku having a date that involves alcohol, they end up having a date where they enjoy eating Pop-Tarts, which are contraband at Bard.

All in all, Miranda discovers that her punishment isn#8217;t really that bad after all, and blake education writing she seems to be happy that she was sent away to goal protagonist play? Bard. In brief, the book Wuthering High is a story that has a mystical plot , a dynamic character Miranda, and a theme about punishments . Blake Education Persuasive? For a world where everyone seems to environment marketing be concerned with who has the biggest and the best of everything, this story demonstrates that sometimes, less really is more. Blake Writing? Cell phones do not have to become an extension of one#8217;s arm. Computers may be helpful, but sometimes a pen and urban dictionary otaku paper can work just as well. All in blake writing all, people need to learn to place less value on material things and place more value on the things that are priceless: friends, family, and a good education.

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KurzweilAI | Accelerating Intelligence. The Computer as a Communication Device. This landmark 1968 essay foresaw many future computer applications and advances in communication technology, such as distributed information resources and online interactive communities that are commonplace today as Internet chat rooms and peer-to-peer applications. Originally published in Science and blake, Technology , April 1968 . Published on essay tips November 9, 2001. In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face. That is a rather startling thing to say, but it is education writing our conclusion.

As if in confirmation of goal protagonist in sophocles’ it, we participated a few weeks ago in blake education persuasive, a technical meeting held through a computer. In two days, the group accomplished with the aid of a computer what normally might have taken a week. We shall talk more about the mechanics of the meeting later; it is sufficient to note here that we were all in the same room. But for all the communicating we did directly across that room, we could have been thousands of miles apart and dictionary, communicated just as effectively-as people-over the distance. Our emphasis on people is deliberate. A communications engineer thinks of communicating as transferring information from one point to another in codes and signals. But to communicate is more than to send and to receive. Do two tape recorders communicate when they play to each other and record from blake persuasive writing, each other? Not really-not in our sense. We believe that communicators have to do something nontrivial with the information they send and receive. Forced Migration. And we believe that we are entering a technological age in which we will be able to blake persuasive, interact with the diageo competitors, richness of living information-not merely in the passive way that we have become accustomed to using books and libraries, but as active participants in an ongoing process, bringing something to it through our interaction with it, and education writing, not simply receiving something from it by our connection to it.

To the people who telephone an airline flight operations information service, the tape recorder that answers seems more than a passive depository. It is an often-updated model of a changing situation-a synthesis of information collected, analyzed, evaluated, and assembled to writing, represent a situation or process in an organized way. Still there is not much direct interaction with the airline information service; the tape recording is not changed by the customers call. We want to emphasize something beyond its one-way transfer: the increasing significance of the jointly constructive, the mutually reinforcing aspect of communication-the part that transcends now we both know a fact that only one of us knew before. When minds interact, new ideas emerge. Education Persuasive. We want to talk about the urban otaku, creative aspect of communication. Creative, interactive communication requires a plastic or moldable medium that can be modeled, a dynamic medium in which premises will flow into consequences, and above all a common medium that can be contributed to blake persuasive, and experimented with by all.

Such a medium is at handthe programmed digital computer. Its presence can change the nature and value of communication even more profoundly than did the printing press and the picture tube, for, as we shall show, a well-programmed computer can provide direct access both to informational resources and to the processes for making use of the resources. Communication: a comparison of models. To understand how and why the computer can have such an effect on communication, we must examine the idea of modeling-in a computer and dictionary, with the aid of a computer. Persuasive Writing. For modeling, we believe, is urban dictionary otaku basic and central to communication. Blake Education Writing. Any communication between people about the environment marketing, same thing is blake persuasive a common revelatory experience about informational models of competitors that thing. Each model is a conceptual structure of abstractions formulated initially in the mind of one of the persons who would communicate, and if the concepts in the mind of education writing one would-be communicator are very different from those in the mind of another, there is no common model and no communication. By far the most numerous, most sophisticated, and most important models arc those that reside in mens minds, In richness, plasticity, facility, and economy, the mental model has no peer, but, in urban, other respects, it has shortcomings.

It will not stand still for careful study. It cannot be made to repeat a run. Persuasive Writing. No one knows just how it works. It serves its owners hopes more faithfully than it serves reason. It has access only to the information stored in one mans head. It can be observed and manipulated only by one person.

Society rightly distrusts the modeling done by a single mind. Society demands consensus, agreement, at least majority. Fundamentally, this amounts to the requirement that individual models be compared and is the goal, brought into some degree of accord. The requirement is for communication, which we now define concisely as cooperative modelingcooperation in education persuasive writing, the construction, maintenance, and use of a model. How can we be sure that we are modeling cooperatively, that we are communicating, unless we can compare models? When people communicate face to face, they externalize their models so they can be sure they are talking about the same thing. Even such a simple externalized model as a flow diagram or an outlinebecause it can be seen by forced examples all the persuasive writing, communicatorsserves as a focus for discussion. It changes the nature of communication: When communicators have no such common framework, they merely make speeches at each other; but when they have a manipulable model before them, they utter a few words, point, sketch, nod, or object. The dynamics of such communication are so model-centered as to suggest an diageo important conclusion: Perhaps the reason present-day two-way telecommunication falls so far short of face-to-face communication is simply that it fails to provide facilities for externalizing models. Is it really seeing the expression in the others eye that makes the face-to-face conference so much more productive than the telephone conference call, or is it being able to create and modify external models?

In a technical project meeting, one can see going on, in fairly clear relief, the education persuasive, modeling process that we contend constitutes communication. Nearly every reader can recall a meeting held during the otaku, formulative phase of a project. Each member of the blake education, project brings to such a meeting a somewhat different mental model of the common undertaking-its purposes, its goals, its plans, its progress, and its status. Dictionary. Each of these models interrelates the past, present, and future states of affairs of (1) himself, (2) the group he represents; (3) his boss; (4) the project. Many of the primary data the participants bring to the meeting are in undigested and blake education persuasive, uncorrelated form. To each participant, his own collections of data are interesting and important in and of dictionary otaku themselves. And they are more than files of facts and education, recurring reports. They are strongly influenced by insight, subjective feelings, and educated guesses. Thus, each individuals data are reflected in his mental model.

Getting his colleagues to incorporate his data into their models is the essence of the communications task. Suppose you could see the models in the minds of two would-be communicators at this meeting. You could tell, by observing their models, whether or not communication was taking place. If, at the outset, their two models were similar in structure but different simply in the values of certain parameters, then communication would cause convergence toward a common pattern. That is the easiest and most frequent kind of communication. If the two mental models were structurally dissimilar, then the forced examples, achievement of communication would be signaled by structural changes in one of the models or in both of them. We might conclude that one of the communicating parties was having insights or trying out new hypotheses in order to begin to blake persuasive writing, understand the other-or that both were restructuring their mental models to achieve commonality. The meeting of many interacting minds is environment a more complicated process.

Suggestions and recommendations may be elicited from blake writing, all sides. What Protagonist. The interplay may produce, not just a solution to a problem, but a new set of rules for solving problems. That, of course, is the essence of creative interaction. The process of education persuasive writing maintaining a current model has within it a set of changing or changeable rules for the processing and oliver twist setting, disposition of information. The project meeting we have just described is representative of a broad class of blake human endeavor which may be described as creative informational activity. Oliver Twist. Let us differentiate this from another class which we will call informational housekeeping. The latter is what computers today are used for in the main; they process payroll checks, keep track of bank balances, calculate orbits of education persuasive space vehicles, control repetitive machine processes, and maintain varieties of debit and credit lists. Is The Protagonist Play?. Mostly they have not been used to blake education persuasive, make coherent pictures of diageo not well understood situations. We referred earlier to blake writing, a meeting in which the oliver setting, participants interacted with each other through a computer.

That meeting was organized by education persuasive Doug Engelbart of Stanford Research Institute and was actually a progress-review conference for a specific project. Twist. The subject under discussion was rich in detail and broad enough in scope that no one of the blake education writing, attendees, not even the host, could know all the information pertaining to environment, this particular project. Tables were arranged to form a square work area with five on education writing a side. The center of the area contained six television monitors which displayed the alphanumeric output of twist a computer located elsewhere in the building but remotely controlled from a keyboard and a set of electronic pointer controllers called mice. Any participant in the meeting could move a near-by mouse, and blake education, thus control the movements of a tracking pointer on the TV screen for all other participants to see. Each person working on the project had prepared a topical outline of his particular presentation for the meeting, and his outline appeared on the screens as he talkedproviding a broad view of his own model.

Many of the outline statements contained the names of particular reference files which the speaker could recall from the computer to appear in detail on the screens, for, from the beginning of the project, its participants had put their work into the computer systems files. So the meeting began much like any other meeting in the sense that there was an overall list of migration agenda and that each speaker had brought with him (figuratively in his briefcase but really within the blake writing, computer) the material he would be talking about. The computer system was a significant aid in exploring the depth and breadth of the material. More detailed information could be displayed when facts had to be pinpointed; more global information could be displayed to writing, answer questions of blake persuasive writing relevance and interrelationship. Forced. A future version of writing this system will make it possible for what goal protagonist, each participant, on his own TV screen, to thumb through the persuasive, speakers files as the speaker talksand thus check out incidental questions without interrupting the presentation for essay writing, substantiation. Obviously, collections of primary data can get too large to digest. Education. There comes a time when the complexity of a communications process exceeds the examples, available resources and the capability to cope with it; and at that point one has to simplify and draw conclusions. It is writing frightening to realize how early and drastically one does simp1ify, how prematurely one does conclude, even when the stakes are high and when the transmission facilities and information resources are extraordinary. Forced Migration Examples. Deep modeling to communicateto understandrequires a huge investment.

Perhaps even governments cannot afford it yet. But someday governments may not be able not to afford it. For, while we have been talking about the communicant ion process as a cooperative modeling effort in a mutual environment, there is blake education writing also an aspect of communication with or about an uncooperative opponent. As nearly as we can judge from reports of recent international crises, out of the hundreds of alternatives that confronted the decision makers at each decision point or ply in the game, on tips the average only a few, and never more than a few dozen could be considered, and only a few branches of the game could be explored deeper than two or three such plies before action had to blake persuasive writing, be taken. Each side was busy trying to model what the diageo competitors, other side might be up tobut modeling takes time, and education persuasive, the pressure of events forces simplification even when it is dangerous. Whether we attempt to communicate across a division of interests, or whether we engage in a cooperative effort, it is clear that we need to oliver twist setting, be able to model faster and to greater depth. The importance of improving decision-making processesnot only in government, but throughout business and the professionsis so great as to warrant every effort. As we see it, group decision-making is simply the active, executive, effect-producing aspect of the kind of communication we are discussing. We have commented that one must oversimplify.

We have tried to say why one must oversimplify. Blake. But we should not oversimplify the main point of this article. We can say with genuine and dictionary, strong conviction that a particular form of digital computer organization, with its programs and its data, constitutes the dynamic, moldable medium that can revolutionize the art of modeling and that in so doing can improve the education persuasive, effectiveness of communication among people so much as perhaps to revolutionize that also. But we must associate with that statement at once the qualification that the is the protagonist play?, computer alone can make no contribution that will help us, and education, that the computer with the forced, programs and the data that it has today can do little more than suggest a direction and provide a few germinal examples. Emphatically we do not say: Buy a computer and your communication problems will be solved.

What we do say is that we, together with many colleagues who have had the experience of working on-line and blake education persuasive, interactively with computers, have already sensed more responsiveness and facilitation and power than we had hoped for, considering the inappropriateness of present machines and migration, the primitiveness of persuasive writing their software. Many of us are therefore confident (some of us to the point of religious zeal) that truly significant achievements, which will markedly improve our effectiveness in communication, now are on the horizon. Many communications engineers, too, are presently excited about the application of digital computers to competitors, communication. Blake. However, the function they want computers to implement is the switching function. Computers will either switch the communication lines, connecting them together in required configurations, or switch (the technical term is store and forward) messages. The switching function is important but it is not the one we have in is the of the, mind when we say that the computer can revolutionize communication. Blake Persuasive Writing. We are stressing the modeling function, not the switching function.

Until now, the communications engineer has not felt it within his province to facilitate the modeling function, to make an interactive, cooperative modeling facility. Information transmission and dictionary, information processing have always been carried out separately and have become separately institutionalized. There are strong intellectual and social benefits to be realized by the melding of these two technologies. There are also, however, powerful legal and blake education persuasive writing, administrative obstacles in the way of any such melding. Distributed intellectual resources. We have seen the beginnings of communication through a computercommunication among people at consoles located in the same room or on the same university campus or even at oliver twist setting distantly separated laboratories of the education, same research and development organization.

This kind of communicationthrough a single multiaccess computer with the aid of telephone linesis beginning to foster cooperation and promote coherence more effectively than do present arrangements for sharing computer programs by exchanging magnetic tapes by messenger or mail. Computer programs are very important because they transcend mere datathey include procedures and processes for structuring and manipulating data. These are the main resources we can now concentrate and share with the aid of the tools and techniques of computers and communication, but they are only a part of the whole that we can learn to concentrate and share. Environment. The whole includes raw data, digested data, data about the location of dataand documentsand most especially models. To appreciate the import ante the new computer-aided communication can have, one must consider the dynamics of critical mass, as it applies to cooperation in writing, creative endeavor. Take any problem worthy of the urban otaku, name, and you find only a few people who can contribute effectively to its solution. Those people must be brought into blake persuasive writing close intellectual partnership so that their ideas can come into competitors contact with one another. Blake Education Writing. But bring these people together physically in one place to form a team, and you have trouble, for the most creative people are often not the best team players, and there are not enough top positions in a single organization to keep them all happy. Let them go their separate ways, and each creates his own empire, large or small, and devotes more time to the role of emperor than to the role of what protagonist problem solver.

The principals still get together at blake persuasive meetings. They still visit one another. Diageo Competitors. But the time scale of their communication stretches out, and the correlations among mental models degenerate between meetings so that it may take a year to do a weeks communicating. Blake Writing. There has to be some way of facilitating communicant ion among people wit bout bringing them together in one place. A single multiaccess computer would fill the bill if expense were no object, but there is no way, with a single computer and oliver setting, individual communication lines to several geographically separated consoles, to avoid paying an unwarrantedly large bill for transmission.

Part of the economic difficulty lies in our present communications system. Persuasive Writing. When a computer is used interactively from forced migration examples, a typewriter console, the signals transmitted between the console and the computer are intermittent and not very frequent. They do not require continuous access to education persuasive writing, a telephone channel; a good part of the dictionary otaku, time they do not even require the full information rate of such a channel. The difficulty is that the common carriers do not provide the kind of service one would like to havea service that would let one have ad lib access to a channel for short intervals and not be charged when one is not using the channel. It seems likely that a store-and-forward (i.e., store-for-just-a-moment-and-forward-right-away) message service would be best for this purpose, whereas the common carriers offer, instead, service that sets up a channel for blake education persuasive writing, ones individual use for a period not shorter than one minute. The problem is further complicated because interaction with a computer via a fast and flexible graphic display, which is for most purposes far superior to essay writing tips, interaction through a slow-printing typewriter, requires markedly higher information rates. Blake Education Persuasive. Not necessarily more information, but the same amount in marketing, faster burstsmore difficult to blake, handle efficiently with the conventional common-carrier facilities. It is perhaps not surprising that there are incompatibilities between the requirements of is the goal protagonist in sophocles’ computer systems and the services supplied by the common carriers, for most of the common-carrier services were developed in support of voice rather than digital communication. Nevertheless, the incompatibilities are frustrating. It appears that the best and quickest way to overcome them-and to move forward the development of interactive communities of geographically separated people-is to set up an education persuasive writing experimental network of oliver twist setting multiaccess computers.

Computers would concentrate and interleave the concurrent, intermittent messages of many users and their programs so as to blake education, utilize wide-band transmission channels continuously and efficiently, with marked reduction in essay writing tips, overall cost. Computer and information networks. The concept of computers connected to computers is not new. Computer manufacturers have successfully installed and maintained interconnected computers for some years now. But the computers in most instances are from families of machines compatible in both software and hardware, and education, they are in the same location. More important, the interconnected computers are not interactive, general-purpose, multiaccess machines of the type described by David [1] and Licklider [2]. Although more interactive multi-access computer systems are being delivered now, and although more groups plan to be using these systems within the next year, there are at present perhaps only as few as half a dozen interactive multiaccess computer communities . These communities are socio-technical pioneers, in several ways out ahead of the oliver twist setting, rest of the blake writing, computer world: What makes them so? First, some of their members are computer scientists and engineers who understand the concept of man-computer interaction and the technology of diageo interactive multiaccess systems. Second, others of blake persuasive their members are creative people in other fields and oliver setting, disciplines who recognize the usefulness and who sense the impact of interactive multiaccess computing upon their work. Third, the communities have large multiaccess computers and have learned to use them. And, fourth, their efforts are regenerative.

In the half-dozen communities, the computer systems research and development and the development of education writing substantive applications mutually support each other. They are producing large and growing resources of programs, data, and know-how. But we have seen only the beginning. There is much more programming and data collect ionand much more learning how to cooperateto be done before the full potential of the concept can be realized. Obviously, multiaccess systems must be developed interactively. The systems being built must remain flexible and open-ended throughout the process of development, which is evolutionary. Such systems cannot be developed in small ways on small machines. They require large, multiaccess computers, which are necessarily complex. Indeed, the sonic barrier in the development of such systems is complexity.

These new computer systems we are describing differ from marketing, other computer systems advertised with the same labels: interactive, time-sharing, multiaccess. They differ by blake persuasive writing having a greater degree of open-endedness, by rendering more services, and examples, above all by blake providing facilities that foster a working sense of diageo community among their users. The commercially available time-sharing services do not yet offer the power and flexibility of soft ware resourcesthe general purposenessof the education, interactive multiaccess systems of the System Development Corporation in Santa Monica, the University of California at Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of environment Technology in Cambridge and Lexington, Mass.which have been collectively serving about a thousand people for several years. The thousand people include many of the leaders of the ongoing revolution in the computer world. For over a year they have been preparing for the transition to persuasive writing, a radically new organization of hardware and software, designed to support many more simultaneous users than the current systems, and to offer themthrough new languages, new file-handling systems, and new graphic displaysthe fast, smooth interaction required for truly effective man-computer partnership. Experience has shown the importance of making the response time short and the conversation free and easy. Diageo Competitors. We think those attributes will be almost as important for a network of computers as for a single computer.

Today the on-line communities are separated from one another functionally as well as geographically. Each member can look only to the processing, storage and software capability of the facility upon which his community is centered. But now the move is on to interconnect the separate communities and thereby transform them into, let us call it, a supercommunity. The hope is that interconnection will make available to blake education persuasive, all the migration examples, members of all the education, communities the programs and data resources of the tips, entire supercommunity. First, let us indicate how these communities can be interconnected; then we shall describe one hypothetical persons interaction with this network, of interconnected computers. The hardware of a multiaccess computer system includes one or more central processors, several kinds of memorycore, disks, drums, and tapesand many consoles for the simultaneous on-line users. Different users can work simultaneously on diverse tasks. The software of such a system includes supervisory programs (which control the whole operation), system programs for interpretation of the users commands, the handling of his files, and graphical or alphanumeric display of information to him (which permit people not skilled in education writing, the machines language to use the essay tips, system effectively), and programs and data created by education the users themselves.

The collection of people, hardware, and softwarethe multiaccess computer together with its local community of userswill become a node in a geographically distributed computer network. Let us assume for diageo competitors, a moment that such a network has been formed. For each node there is a small, general-purpose computer which we shall call a message processor. The message processors of all the nodes are interconnected to form a fast store-and-forward network. The large multi-access computer at each node is blake education persuasive writing connected directly to the message processor there. Through the network of message processors, therefore, all the large computers can communicate with one another. And through them, all the members of the supercommunity can communicatewith other people, with programs, with data, or with selected combinations of those resources. Of The Protagonist Play?. The message processors, being all alike, introduce an element of uniformity into an otherwise grossly non-uniform situation, for they facilitate both hardware and software compatibility among diverse and poorly compatible computers. The links among the message processors are transmission and high-speed digital switching facilities provided by persuasive common carrier. This allows the linking of the message processors to be reconfigured in response to demand. A message can be thought of as a short sequence of bits flowing through the network from one multiaccess computer to another.

It consists of writing two types of information: control and education, data. Control information guides the twist, transmission of data from source to destination. Blake. In present transmission systems, errors are too frequent for environment marketing, many computer applications. However, through the use of error detection and correction or retransmission procedures in the message processors, messages can be delivered to their destinations intact even though many of their bits were mutilated at one point or another along the way. In short, the education, message processors function in the system as traffic directors, controllers, and correctors.

Today, programs created at one installation on a given manufacturers computer are generally not of much value to users of a different manufacturers computer at another installation. Examples. After learning (with difficulty) of a distant programs existence, one has to get it, understand it, and recode it for education persuasive writing, his own computer. The cost is comparable to the cost of preparing a new program from scratch, which is, in forced migration, fact, what most programmers usually do. On a national scale, the blake writing, annual cost is enormous. Within a network of interactive, multiaccess computer systems, on the other hand, a person at one node will have access to programs running at other nodes, even though those programs were written in different languages for different computers. The feasibility of using programs at remote locations has been shown by diageo competitors the successful linking of the AN/FSQ-32 computer at Systems Development Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., with the TX-2 computer across the continent at education persuasive writing the Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Mass. Twist. A person at blake writing a TX-2 graphic console can make use of a unique list-processing program at SDC, which would be prohibitively expensive to environment marketing, translate for use on the TX-2. A network of 14 such diverse computers, all of which will be capable of sharing one anothers resources, is blake education persuasive now being planned by competitors the Defense Departments Advanced Research Projects Agency, and its contractors.

The systems way of managing data is crucial to the user who works in interaction with many other people. It should put generally useful data, if not subject to control of access, into public files. Each user, however, should have complete control over his personal files. He should define and distribute the keys to each such file, exercising his option to exclude all others from any kind of access to it; or to permit anyone to read but not modify or execute it; or to permit selected individuals or groups to execute but not read it; and so on-with as much detailed specification or as much aggregation as he likes. The system should provide for group and organizational files within its overall information base. At least one of the blake education persuasive writing, new multiaccess systems will exhibit such features.

In several of the research centers we have mentioned, security and what is the goal in sophocles’ play?, privacy of persuasive information are subjects of active concern; they are beginning to get the attention they deserve. In a multiaccess system, the number of consoles permitted to writing tips, use the computer simultaneously depends upon the load placed on the computer by the users jobs, and may be varied automatically as the load changes. Large general-purpose muftiaccess systems operating today can typically support 20 to 30 simultaneous users. Blake Education Persuasive. Some of these users may work with low-level assembly languages while others use higher-level compiler or interpreter languages. Environment Marketing. Concurrently, others may use data management and graphical systems. And so on. But back to blake, our hypothetical user.

He seats himself at his console, which may be a terminal keyboard plus a relatively slow printer, a sophisticated graphical console, or any one of several intermediate devices. He dials his local computer and logs in by forced migration presenting his name, problem number, and password to the monitor program. Writing. He calls for either a public program, one of his own programs, or a colleagues program that he has permission to use. The monitor links him to it, and he then communicates with that program. When the user (or the program) needs service from a program at another node in the network, he (or it) requests the service by competitors specifying the location of the appropriate computer and the identity of the program required.

If necessary, he uses computerized directories to blake education persuasive writing, determine those data. The request is translated by one or more of the message processors into the precise language required by writing the remote computers monitor. Now the education persuasive writing, user (or his local program) and diageo competitors, the remote program can interchange information. When the information transfer is complete, the user (or his local program) dismisses the remote computer, again with the aid of the message processors. In a commercial system, the remote processor would at this point record cost information for use in billing. The mention of billing brings up an important matter. Computers and long-distance calls have expensive images.

One of the standard reactions to the idea of on-line communities is: It sounds great, but who can afford it? In considering that question, let us do a little arithmetic. The main elements of the cost of blake computer-facilitated communication, over and above the salaries of the competitors, communicators, are the cost of the consoles, processing, storage, transmission, and supporting software. In each category, there is persuasive a wide range of essay possible costs, depending in blake, part upon essay, the sophistication of the equipment, programs, or services employed and in part upon whether they are custom-made or mass-produced. Making rough estimates of the hourly component costs per user, we arrived at the following: $1 for a console, $5 for one mans share of the services of a processor, 70 cents for storage, $3 for transmission via line leased from a common carrier, and $1 for software support-a total cost of just less than $11 per communicator hour. The only blake education writing obviously untenable assumption underlying that result, we believe, is the assumption that ones console and the personal files would be used 160 hours per month. All the other items are assumed to be shared with others, and experience indicates that time-sharing leads on the average to somewhat greater utilization than the 160 hours per month that we assumed, Note, however, that the console and the personal files are items used also in individual problem solving and oliver twist setting, decision making. Surely those activities, taken together with communication, would occupy at least 25% of the working hours of the on-line executive, scientist or engineer. If we cut the duty factor of the console and files to one quarter of 160 hours per month, the estimated total cost comes to $16 per hour.

Let us assume that our $16/hr interactive computer link is set up between Boston, Mass., and Washington, D.C. Is $16/hr affordable? Compare it first with the cost of ordinary telephone communication: Even if you take advantage of the lower charge per minute for long calls, it is less than the blake education, daytime direct-dial station-to-station toll. Marketing. Compare it with the cost of travel: If one flies from Boston to Washington in blake persuasive writing, the morning and back in writing, the evening, he can have eight working hours in the capital city in return for about $64 in air and taxi fares plus the spending of four of his early morning and evening hours en route. If those four hours are worth $16 each, then the education, bill for the eight hours in Washington is $128-again $16 per hour. Or look at oliver setting it still another way: If computer-aided communication doubled the effectiveness of a man paid $16 per hour then, according to our estimate, it would be worth what it cost if it could be bought right now. Thus we have some basis for arguing that computer-aided communication is economically feasible. But we must admit that the figure of education $16 per environment, hour sounds high, and we do not want to let our discussion depend upon it.

Fortunately, we do not have to, for education, the system we envision cannot be bought at this moment. The time scale provides a basis for genuine optimism about the cost picture. It will take two years, at least, to bring the first interactive computer networks up to writing, a significant level of experimental activity. Blake Education Persuasive Writing. Operational systems might reach critical size in as little as six years if everyone got onto the bandwagon, but there is little point in making cost estimates for marketing, a nearer date. So let us take six years as the target. In the education persuasive, computer field, the cost of a unit of processing and the cost of a unit of storage have been dropping for two decades at the rate of environment 50% or more every two years. In six years, there is time for at least three such drops, which cut a dollar down to 12 1/2 cents. Three halvings would take the blake education persuasive, cost of processing, now $5 per hour on our assumptions, down to is the of the protagonist, less than 65 cents per hour.

Such advances in capability, accompanied by reduction in cost, lead us to expect that computer facilitation will be affordable before many people are ready to take advantage of it. The only areas that cause us concern are consoles and transmission. In the console field, there is plenty of competition; many firms have entered the console sweepstakes, and more are entering every month. Lack of competition is not the persuasive, problem. Goal Of The In Sophocles’. The problem is the problem of the blake education writing, chicken and forced examples, the eggin the factory and in blake, the market. If a few companies would take the plunge into mass manufacture, then the cost of a satisfactory console would drop enough to open up a mass market. If large on-line communities were already in being, their mass market would attract mass manufacture. But at present there is neither mass manufacture nor a mass market, and consequently there is no low-cost console suitable for interactive on-line communication. In the field of transmission, the difficulty may be lack of competition.

At any rate, the cost of transmission is not falling nearly as fast as the cost of processing and storage. Forced. Nor is it falling nearly as fast as we think it should fall. Even the advent of satellites has affected the cost picture by less than a factor of two. That fact does not cause immediate distress because (unless the distance is very great) transmission cost is not now the dominant cost. But, at the rate things are going, in six years it will be the dominant cost. That prospect concerns us greatly and blake education, is the strongest damper to our hopes for near-term realization of operationally significant interactive networks and significant on-line communities. But let us be optimistic. What will on-line interactive communities be like? In most fields they will consist of geographically separated members, sometimes grouped in small clusters and sometimes working individually. They will be communities not of common location, but of common interest . In each field, the overall community of interest will be large enough to support a comprehensive system of field-oriented programs and data.

In each geographical sector, the total number of userssummed over all the fields of interestwill be large enough to support extensive general-purpose information processing and storage facilities. All of these will be interconnected by telecommunications channels. The whole will constitute a labile network of networksever-changing in both content and dictionary otaku, configuration. What will go on inside? Eventually, every informational transaction of sufficient consequence to warrant the cost. Each secretarys typewriter, each data-gathering instrument, conceivably each dictation microphone, will feed into education persuasive writing the network. You will not send a letter or a telegram; you will simply identify the people whose files should be linked to yours and the parts to which they should be linkedand perhaps specify a coefficient of urgency. You will seldom make a telephone call; you will ask the network to link your consoles together. You will seldom make a purely business trip, because linking consoles will be so much more efficient.

When you do visit another person with the object of intellectual communication, you and he will sit at a two-place console and interact as much through it as face to face. If our extrapolation from Doug Engelbarts meeting proves correct, you will spend much more time in computer-facilitated teleconferences and much less en route to meetings. A very important part of competitors each mans interaction with his on-line community will be mediated by his OLIVER. Blake Writing. The acronym OLIVER honors Oliver Selfridge, originator of the concept. An OLIVER is, or will be when there is tips one, an blake education persuasive writing on-line interactive vicarious expediter and responder, a complex of computer programs and data that resides within the network and acts on behalf of its principal, taking care of many minor matters that do not require his personal attention and buffering him from the essay writing tips, demanding world. You are describing a secretary, you will say. But no! Secretaries will have OLIVERS. At your command, your OLIVER will take notes (or refrain from taking notes) on what you do, what you read, what you buy and blake persuasive, where you buy it. It will know who your friends are, your mere acquaintances. Forced Examples. It will know your value structure, who is prestigious in your eyes, for whom you will do what with what priority, and who can have access to which of your personal files. Blake. It will know your organizations rules pertaining to proprietary information and the governments rules relating to security classification.

Some parts of environment your OLIVER program will be common with parts of blake education persuasive writing other peoples OLIVERS; other parts will be custom-made for you, or by you, or will have developed idiosyncrasies through learning based on its experience in essay writing tips, your service. Available within the network will be functions and blake, services to which you subscribe on a regular basis and others that you call for when you need them. In the former group will be investment guidance, tax counseling, selective dissemination of information in dictionary otaku, your field of specialization, announcement of cultural, sport, and blake education persuasive, entertainment events that fit your interests, etc. In the latter group will be dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, catalogues, editing programs, teaching programs, testing programs, programming systems, data bases, and-most important-communication, display, and tips, modeling programs. All these will be-at some late date in the history of networking- systematized and coherent; you will be able to get along in one basic language up to the point at which you choose a specialized language for its power or terseness. When people do their informational work at the console and through the education persuasive writing, network, telecommunication will be as natural an extension of diageo competitors individual work as face-to-face communication is now. The impact of that fact, and of the education writing, marked facilitation of the communicative process, will be very greatboth on the individual and on society. First, life will be happier for diageo competitors, the on-line individual because the people with whom one interacts most strongly will be selected more by education writing commonality of diageo interests and goals than by education persuasive accidents of proximity. Second, communication will be more effective and productive, and therefore more enjoyable. Third, much communication and interaction will be with programs and programmed models, which will be (a) highly responsive, (b) supplementary to ones own capabilities, rather than competitive, and (c) capable of representing progressively more complex ideas without necessarily displaying all the levels of their structure at the same time-and which will therefore be both challenging and twist setting, rewarding.

And, fourth, there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone (who can afford a console) to blake education persuasive writing, find his calling, for the whole world of information, with all its fields and disciplines, will be open to him-with programs ready to guide him or to help him explore. For the society, the impact will be good or bad, depending mainly on the question: Will to be on line be a privilege or a right? If only a favored segment of the population gets a chance to enjoy the advantage of intelligence amplification, the network may exaggerate the discontinuity in the spectrum of intellectual opportunity. On the urban dictionary otaku, other hand, if the network idea should prove to do for persuasive writing, education what a few have envisioned in hope, if not in concrete detailed plan, and if all minds should prove to be responsive, surely the boon to humankind would be beyond measure. Unemployment would disappear from the face of the earth forever, for consider the magnitude of the task of adapting the networks software to all the new generations of what goal protagonist play? computer, coming closer and education persuasive writing, closer upon the heels of their predecessors until the entire population of the world is caught up in essay writing tips, an infinite crescendo of on-line interactive debugging.

Evan Herbert edited the article and acted as intermediary during its writing between Licklider in Boston and Taylor in Washington. Roland B. Wilson drew the cartoons to accompany the original article. [1] Edward E. David, Jr., Sharing a Computer, International Science and Technology , June, 1966. [2] J. C. R. Licklider, Man-Computer Partnership, International Science and Technology , May, 1965. Topics: Singularity/Futures | Social Networking/Web.

I am very pleased that this site has made available three papers by J.C.R. Licklider which are otherwise difficult to blake education persuasive, obtain without use of a major research library. Migration Examples. As you can see by persuasive reading this paper, Lick (his preferred moniker) was a visionary. This is thus the right place for his work to be on view. was very helpfull how such was predicted many years ago. will get back to this site for more research. Please log in to post a comment.

The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter features science and technology breakthroughs. It also lists new blog posts, events, videos, and oliver twist setting, books.

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AP Essay#x3a; Gulf oil spill deepens public loss of faith in US gov#x27;t, institutions. WASHINGTON WASHINGTON (AP) Nobody led. Not the president of the blake persuasive writing United States. Not the environment chief executive of BP. Not Congress, federal agencies or local elected officials.

From its fiery beginning, the writing Gulf oil spill has stood as a concentrated reminder of why, over four decades, Americans have lost faith in nearly every national institution. Like Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster that caused voters to question then-President George W. Bush's credibility, the poisonous geyser at the Gulf's floor threatens to undermine Barack Obama's presidency. More alarmingly, the spill exacerbates the worry that this nation founded on the principle of trust now faces a crisis of faith in its public and private institutions government and big business particularly. This spill, it's another blow to the body politic, says John Baick, professor of history at essay, Western New England College in blake education persuasive, Springfield, Mass. It is, he says, another excuse to be cynical and uninvolved exactly the opposite of what has always been the American zeitgeist, a sense that we, collectively and through our institutions, can be something greater than ourselves. It's hard to summon that rising-sun aspiration when the unemployment rate hovers near double digits. When wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue unabated. When terrorists take aim from inside and outside U.S. borders.

When the U.S. Treasury writes massive IOUs to oliver setting, China and blake education, public schools write off millions of poorly educated children. Then along comes the oil spill to remind people of why they don't trust leaders and writing tips, why so many Americans, looking for information and action, are turning instead to blogs, Twitter feeds and their friends. Consider this revealing scene: With reddish-brown oil globs washing ashore at Fort Morgan, Ala., Faith Kaiser and Bertice McPherson decided to do what generations of Americans have done when government can't or won't tackle a big problem: They handled it themselves. Before paid cleanup crews started work, the volunteers pulled on rubber gloves and picked up the gooey mess. As they did so, Kaiser said this: Six months from now the government will lie to us and say everything is fine. How did we get to this point where people EXPECT their government to lie to them?

And what does it say about where we're headed? At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin famously observed that he had been trying to education persuasive writing, determine throughout the debate whether a sun painted on George Washington's chair was rising or setting. Urban. But now at writing, length, he said, I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun. And with that, the Founders created a nation upon oliver setting, the fundamental principle of trust. They had an untested belief in writing, the ability of people to environment marketing, lead themselves to choose leaders from blake education writing their own ranks and to hold those leaders accountable. Even our currency, once backed by the promise of precious metal, is today built upon a faith-based system called fiat a Latin term meaning let it be done. Migration Examples. In a dictatorship, people can lose faith in institutions and the apparatus of state can step in. But democracy can't survive without faith in its institutions because the people, by definition, create and control them. While there were surely crises of faith during the Civil War, the persuasive Progressive Era and others times of tumult, the early 20th century was marked by a reflexive sense of trust in the nation's institutions. Even as Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal vastly expanded the government safety net, a new breed of private charities and social reformers didn't bother waiting on government to help the poor, infirm and abused.

But things started to change in the mid-20th century, when polls showed a steady decline on the question of environment, whether Americans trusted government in blake education writing, Washington to do what is right. Oliver. From 1958, when more than 70 percent said they trusted government most or all of the time, the trend line steadily drops until it hits the education mid-20s in the post-Watergate era. The trust line creeps up for dictionary a few years without getting nowhere near the 1958 mark and plunges again in 1994, the year President Bill Clinton's political faltering caused Democrats to lose control of Congress after more than 40 years in power. Just two months ago, a Pew Research Center poll showed that only blake education writing, 22 percent of the public say they can trust the goal play? government in Washington always or most of the time, among the lowest measures in persuasive, a half a century. This spill has just got to make matters worse, said Pew pollster Andy Kohut. People are asking, Who's in charge?

Why can't they plug it? What going on here? Just 25 percent of the is the goal play? public has a favorable opinion of Congress. Education Persuasive Writing. Favorability ratings also have fallen significantly for seven of 13 federal agencies included in the Pew survey, including the Environmental Protection Agency. Faith in institutions across the board has fallen since the 1970s, at otaku, least among the sample of institutions tracked by Gallup: churches, the U.S. Supreme Court, banks, public schools, newspapers, Congress and organized labor.

One of the least-trusted institutions is big business, no surprise after corporate wrongdoing and lax government oversight combined to help create the education worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Sixteen percent of Americans said they had a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in big corporations in oliver twist setting, 2009, compared to education persuasive, 32 percent 30 years prior. The only exception to this trend is the essay writing tips military, which has increased from a 54 percent favorability rating in the post-Vietnam era to 82 percent this year. Part of the problem: Americans today might expect too much of government and other institutions. Persuasive. Take the oil spill, for diageo example. Accidents happen and, right or wrong, the government is not in the drilling or drill-capping business. On a psychological level, people are less likely to take responsibility for things these days, said Lou Manza, professor of psychology at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pa. So if something goes wrong, it's somebody else's fault and education, somebody has to fix it. Environment. I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure that everything is done to blake education persuasive, shut this down, Barack Obama declared a few days ago. In the same news conference, Obama also acknowledged his administration could have done better in dealing with the biggest oil spill in the nation's history and misjudged the industry's ability to cope with a worst-case scenario.

It was a new twist for tips the U.S. presidency, an writing, office normally filled by men who accept responsibility or admit fault only grudgingly. Dictionary Otaku. Obama may be recognizing that accountability breeds trust. Less than two years removed from an education, election victory built on his promise to fix Washington's broken institutions, Obama now seems a captive of them. Environment Marketing. His administration's regulators cozied up to the oil industry before the spill and moved slowly afterward to seize control. The president himself often seemed detached. Who else dropped the education writing ball? BP and its chief executive, Tony Hayward. As his company's oil filled up the Gulf, he had the marketing audacity to complain that I'd like my life back. The Minerals Management Service, the regulatory agency that failed to clean up its act despite Obama's promise during the campaign to blake education, end the cozy relationship between the dictionary oil industry and federal regulators. Even the writing Coast Guard the one agency that survived Katrina with its image enhanced is now being criticized for its lack of transparency and forced, command.

And the public stews. Listen to Billy Nugesser, president of the persuasive coastal Plaquemines Parish: We are dying a slow death here. The public's unconditional faith in national institutions is dying, too. We can't buy a Shrek drinking glass at McDonald's because it might be laced with cadmium. We can't talk about the Catholic church without wondering whether something untoward might be afoot. We can't watch a home run without wondering if our pro-ballplayer heroes are juiced. Which may be why an umpire's blown call denying a rookie pitcher a historic perfect game became a viral story this week. Americans saw in the umpire's apology and the pitcher's gracious acceptance a sign that one of their institutions the made-by-America game of baseball still includes leaders who do the right thing even when the writing tips situation is writing, less than perfect. From their government, Americans don't expect perfection. But the system requires that people at least have faith in their political leaders to be competent and accountable.

If people don't believe, if people don't give, if people don't trust, they will pick the politicians who are the twist loudest rather than the most sincere, said Baick, the history professor. They will pick the rabble rouser rather than the technocrat who gets things done. Blake Education Persuasive Writing. They will turn away from government a government of the essay people and by the people who must fundamentally believe that their leaders are, in the end, for the people. EDITOR'S NOTE Ron Fournier is Washington bureau chief for The Associated Press. Writing. Associated Press writer Jay Reeves in is the goal of the protagonist, Gulf Shores, Ala., and AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius from Washington, contributed to this report.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 2017 FOX News Network, LLC. All rights reserved. All market data delayed 20 minutes.

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How to blake persuasive, Write Better Essays: 6 Practical Tips. The best students enjoy writing essays because theyre a chance to shine; theyre an interesting intellectual exercise in forced examples, which the writer must craft thoughtful arguments on complex topics within the confines of blake education persuasive writing a prescribed and often restrictive word count. For many such students, each essay brings with it the challenge of forced migration making it that little bit better than the last one. Education? The problem is that when you write essays regularly, its easy to urban, get stuck in a rut of repeating the same formula each time particularly when you already receive good feedback from the teachers who read them. So how do you take your essays to blake writing, the next level and environment marketing, go from persuasive, great to brilliant?

Here are some practical tips and techniques that will help you write consistently impressive essays. Offer to share your essays with other people and they may return the environment favour. Even better: start a study group. Just as the books you read subconsciously help mould your own writing style, so reading other peoples essays can help you develop and build on your own essay-writing style. Education? Try to read a range of other essays, including those of your peers and of academics. Read essays on a wide variety of subjects, not necessarily just those that youre studying; different disciplines might apply different kinds of arguments or styles, so the diageo wider you read, the more possible techniques there are for you to pick up and use in essays of writing your own. As you read other peoples essays, dont just take them at is the goal of the protagonist in sophocles’ play?, face value. Be critical: what do you like about them? What dont you like about them?

How persuasive do you think they are? Is the argument a balanced one, with points adequately supported with evidence? Has the writer used any techniques youve not seen before? Another good source of essays is the broadsheet newspapers. Education Persuasive Writing? Read the opinion pieces and dissect how the writer has supported their points with evidence, and again, be critical; note where theyve left things out to try to persuade you to diageo competitors, a particular opinion.

Essays should be balanced, so you can learn from the best of these writers and pick up some techniques to help you shape a balanced piece. 2. Build your vocabulary and use it properly. Make use of dictionaries and thesauri. A good vocabulary will allow you to express exactly what you mean, as clearly and concisely as possible. Economy with words is a characteristic of all good essays, because readers (and essay-markers) dont like having their time wasted with long, rambling points that could have been expressed in blake writing, half the is the goal protagonist in sophocles’ number of words. One way of ensuring that you can communicate clearly and to the point is through accurate and effective use of advanced vocabulary. A good essay writer should never rest on their laurels when it comes to blake education writing, vocabulary; its something you should be working on migration examples continually, as there are always new words to learn that could help convey a point more effectively.

Whats more, deploying a good vocabulary displays intelligence and allows you to be more persuasive in your essay-writing. Here are some ways in which you can build your vocabulary: Subscribe to a word a day email (such as this one from Merriam-Webster). Create a folder in your email account for new word emails, so that you can file each email away and have them all in one place ready to flick through and blake education writing, learn from in an idle moment. Read widely, and refer to a dictionary for words you dont know as you go along; this way, youll learn the new word as well as seeing it in context so you know how to setting, use it properly. Read different genres of blake persuasive fiction, and non-fiction covering a range of topics, and youll have the environment added bonus of persuasive widening your general knowledge as well as your vocabulary. Use a thesaurus if you find yourself using the same words over forced migration, and over again, add variety to your language by education, looking up those words in a thesaurus and finding other words that mean the same thing. Competitors? A word of warning: words you find in a thesaurus cant always be used interchangeably; even words with similar meanings can differ subtly in a way that makes them inappropriate in certain contexts, so find examples of a word used correctly before you use a new word for the first time. Learn prefixes, suffixes and roots it sounds boring, but this shortcut will help you learn a great many more words. Many roots come from education persuasive, Latin and Greek words, such as bene in Latin, meaning good, which gives rise to words such as benefactor, benevolent and benefit. Its often possible to deduce the meaning of forced a new word if you know its root and blake education, read it in tips, context. Prefixes are added to the beginning of a word to change the meaning, such as semi or ante, while suffixes are added to the end, such as -able or -ance.

Start a vocabulary book you probably have one if youre learning a foreign language, so why not have one for your native language as well? Buy yourself a nice notepad and blake education persuasive, use it to environment marketing, collect new words and their meanings. Blake Persuasive? The act of writing down the definition will help you remember it, and is the in sophocles’ play?, you could include an example of how the blake education word is used to increase your chances of memorising it for use in essays. It may help to have different sections for words on diageo particular themes; you could have a general section, and education persuasive writing, then further parts of the notebook could be dedicated to oliver twist setting, words of use in history essays, science essays and blake education, so on. The aim of urban dictionary otaku improving your vocabulary is to blake persuasive writing, increase precision and reduce waffle. Put the essay new words youve learned to good use right away, perhaps setting yourself the challenge of blake persuasive writing including a minimum number of new ones in each essay you write. Marketing? This will help consolidate your knowledge at the same time as impressing the reader. One important thing to remember, though: dont use big words just for the sake of it. Using a long, obscure word when a simpler one would suffice risks making you sound pompous, which may have the opposite effect to the one intended. Whats more, be wary of adding words for the sake of it; cut the waffle by reviewing each sentence and removing any words or sentences that dont add anything to what youre saying.

Ultimately, your goal should be to make your writing as clear and persuasive writing, easy-to-understand as possible, so that it is forced migration, a pleasure to read. 3. Words to education, help develop an argument. Part of urban dictionary otaku sounding intelligent in an essay is not repeating yourself; as youre writing, focus on education using language effectively to help build an environment marketing, argument and create a sense of blake education structure. Oliver Setting? To that end, avoid using the persuasive writing same words every time; many people overuse the word also, for example. Vary your language, and use words such as moreover, furthermore and however.

Such words help develop your argument and make the reader feel they are being guided through the problems on oliver twist a sort of journey to education, your conclusion. Would you be able to summarise your essay between floors? Weve probably all had it hammered into urban otaku, us that we should write an persuasive writing, essay plan before we start writing, but before you even do that, you need to know what the argument youre going to environment, make actually is. Only then can you start writing the structure for an essay that builds up to your overall conclusion. To condense what youre trying to say into a short, snappy summary for you to work from, try making an blake persuasive writing, Elevator Pitch style summary of urban what you intend to write and why readers should be interested in it. The Elevator Pitch is a technique used by salespeople when condensing the arguments for buying a product into blake persuasive, the shortest possible summary of why a customer should consider a purchase.

The salesperson is told to imagine themselves in a lift; in the time it takes for that lift to urban otaku, reach the desired floor, they should have given a compelling argument in favour of that product that would result in the customer buying it, or at persuasive, least wanting to know more. Your Elevator Pitch for your essay should sell the idea of competitors it to a reader, leaving them wanting to read the essay in question. Education Persuasive Writing? This is quite a tough exercise, as it forces you to marketing, be ruthlessly concise in your thinking and choice of words; but you can use this summary to help you write your introduction, and itll help you achieve clarity in what youre trying to say. 5. Tell the education persuasive reader what other people say. Be aware of examples who the foremost writers on a subject are, even if you decide not to reference them. For instance, anyone studying Beowulf should be aware of JRR Tolkiens essay, The Monsters and the Critics. Weve mentioned this on blake writing a previous article on essay writing, but it seems pertinent to mention it here too.

Essays are a chance for setting, you to writing, show off how widely read you are, so make sure you quote other peoples opinions, and original sources, on what youre writing about. Oliver Twist Setting? For example, if you were to write a history essay on early religious practices in persuasive writing, Britain, you could quote original texts on that topic (such as Bedes Ecclesiastical History of the English People ) and also mention what a range of is the in sophocles’ modern scholars have to education persuasive, say about the competitors topic. Contrasting views should be sought; its unlikely that everyone agrees on the topic, so show youve looked at blake education persuasive, all the possible angles. For each of the subjects youre studying, start a page in a notebook for important people in that field, with a summary of when they lived and what their views are. That way, youll have something to refer to writing tips, when youre writing an essay and want to education writing, consult appropriate scholars or other writers whose opinions you might wish to include. Dont quote too much; mix citations with your own opinions so that it doesnt look as though you have to hide behind other peoples words. Its fine to disagree with a scholar you quote, provided you can give evidence and reasoning for forced migration, doing so. Education Persuasive Writing? This shows that you have thought about it and made your own mind up, rather than blindly accepting what that scholar has said; this demonstrates strong critical reasoning skills, one of the hallmarks of brilliant students. 6. Syntax, punctuation and migration, tone of voice. Be honest: do you find your tone of voice interesting? You may not consciously realise it when youre reading, but sophisticated sentence structures make the world of education persuasive writing difference to environment, how intelligent you sound.

As weve already said, the most important consideration when youre writing is making yourself easy for education persuasive, readers to what in sophocles’ play?, understand; but you can still do this and utilise a range of interesting syntax at the same time. Education Writing? Employ a variety of migration sentence structures, long and short, but dont let your sentences become too long and rambling, or they become difficult to read. Effective punctuation is vital in conveying your arguments persuasively; the last thing a teacher or lecturer wants to persuasive writing, read is an essay riddled with poor grammar. Whats more, the reader shouldnt have to read a sentence more than once to understand it. You probably already have a tone of voice you use for writing essays, but is what is the protagonist in sophocles’ play?, it interesting and engaging? Read through some of blake persuasive writing your old essays and essay tips, ask yourself honestly whether you find them absorbing. If theyre not, it could well be because youve not established the right tone of voice. Persuasive Writing? Essays constitute a formal, academic context, but that doesnt mean you have to diageo, be boring. A confident tone of voice will help show the reader that you know what youre talking about and blake persuasive, reassure them that theyre in safe hands.

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