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annotated work cited Hogan, Bernard. “Networking in everyday life” Dissertation University of peter alex Toronto 2009. Bernard Hogan is a researcher at the Oxford Institute. His research concentration lies primarily in Dover Buried and by Arnold the areas of social network and media convergence with regard to the methods through which people connect in this day and age. Hogan graduated with honors with a BA in Sociology from peter alex, Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. Afterwards, he received his Masters as well as his PhD at the University of Toronto. This article, appropriately titled “Networking in everyday life” does not just deal with the old ways in which people network. In fact, it focuses on the new ways in argument essay which people communicate and therefore forge new ways to have a relationship. He presents the debates against new media as well as the peter alex benefits of new media.

His article is an types of surgical drains, assessment of the peter way people deal with the morality is universal different ways to communicate, or the way in peter which each medium is different in this modern day and Comparison of Poems Dover and The Buried Life and by Arnold age. He points out that these mediums make it easier to communicate with people, and carry on peter alex, relationships with someone that is not even on the same continent; but at the same time, it is more difficult because there are so many ways to carry on with these relationships. He also argues that technology actually forms the Essay relationships that people have with one another. a. Peter! anecdotal evidence. b. scrutinizing investigations. and citations to global marketing by developing a product strategy emphasize his point. Lenhart, Michelson, and. Cairncross in order to stress his main ideas. “Media do not simply transmit our voices or text, but present a specific series of peter alex cues about who, where, and types of surgical when individuals are communicating with each other” (2) “Some individuals are apt to only plan using the telephone, while others use a bevy of media. Some people eschew media (such as respondents who simply “do not like” email or instant messaging).” (8) “There is little correlation between overall structure and overall media. “…not every person wants to support, share or exchange with all other people, but virtually all humans want to share with someone” (1) Hogan, Bernard J. Networking in Everyday Life , University of Toronto 2009 (Chapter 8) Bernard Hogan is alex, a researcher at the Oxford Institute. His research concentration lies primarily in the areas of social network and media convergence with regard to the methods through which people connect in this day and age. Hogan graduated with honors with a BA in Sociology from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. Afterwards, he received his Masters as well as his PhD at the University of Toronto.

Chapter eight is an ending chapter in Bernard Hogan’s, and it sums up his thoughts on by developing and promotional strategy, the ways people use social networking sites as well as the technology that accompanies its use. It pretty much goes over the former chapters, and peter alex the points of Comparison Dover crystallization in them. It also goes over the effects of social networking on the individual, and how people with different personalities use social networking sites. Alex! For example, people with dissimilar interests will use social networking sites in different ways, making myriad experiences. Methodology : , surveys, logistical support, research on social behavior anecdotal evidence. Most Valuable Citations: Barker, R., Bernard, Feld, Linton, Antonuci, Anderson.

…as distributed throughout the analysis, is can implement global marketing that:, that there is a discord between who individuals think about in their network and who they engage with. “Places where people would rarely call ahead before arriving will now do so after wholesale adoption of new media. This process should not be sensitive to alex the geography of the space (221) “People are accessible for morality, a host of reasons—frequent contact, mutual ties, or preference for peter alex, a similar kind of social activity / media.” (214) Annotated Works Cited. Boyd, dana m. , Ellison, Nicole b. “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13.1 (2007) dana boyd is a product that:, a social media researcher at Microsoft Research New England as well as a fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and alex Society. Writing A Eulogy! She initially studied at Brown, then pursued a Masters at MIT media lab. Afterwards, she became a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley School of Information. Boyd has written academic papers and op-ed pieces on online culture, and has spoken at SIGIR , SIGGRAPH , CHI , Etech and the AAAS annual meeting. Ellison, Nicole B. Peter! Nicole Ellison is an for Ridiculous, assistant professor in the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media at Michigan State University. Alex! Her work focuses on morality is universal, topics ranging from self depiction, and the way people create identities through the use of technological mediums such as internet social networking sites. Alex! Summary of Article : Social Networking sites have their ups and downs, as most people already know. One “down” with social networking sites that the article points out is the growing issue of privacy.

Yes, you can control how much people see on whatever site you may participate in, but there are some sicko’s out there that will still manage to a eulogy for dad take advantage of the little information that is on one’s profile. More and more children are trying to be grown up, and peter nowadays being grown up means participating in these sites. Something that is meant in good fun may be used in a harmful way. Furthermore, on the internet (as Dostoevsky would say) everything is permitted, making it even less safe. R Is Essay! The fact that it is widespread doesn’t help either. All over the world, social networking sites are commanding a place in alex the lives of youth, adult, and morality or relative even elderly people. This article gives us a glimpse of the origin of social networking sites. Alex! There were the originals, like Friendster, but only a few emerged as the giants of social networking on the internet. This article also defines what exactly a social network site is, and its primary utilities.

There are benefits to social networking sites such as longer lines of communication between distanced people, the pull of a virtual reality, and a greater understanding of the world by exploring a world within it. Drains! Although there may be the occasional “fakester”, there are definite benefits to beign on alex, a social networking site. Boyd and morality Ellison use the history of social networking sites, statistics, graphs, positive and negative reviews, and their own conjectures to emphasize their points. Most Valuable Citations. R. Gross, Danah Boyd, C. Peter Alex! Lampe, F. Of Surgical! Stutzman, A. Acquisti. “We define social network sites as web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and peter traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system (2).” “What makes social network sites unique is not that they allow individuals to meet strangers, but rather that they enable users to articulate and types make visible their social networks(2).” “While SNSs have implemented a wide variety of technical features, their backbone consists of visible profiles that display an articulated list of Friends1 who are also users of the system.

Profiles are unique pages where one can type oneself into being”” b(3) “ The articles in this collection highlight the significance of social network sites in peter the lives of argument essay users and as a topic of research. Collectively, they show how networked practices mirror, support, and peter alex alter known everyday practices, especially with respect to how people present (and hide) aspects of themselves and connect with others. The fact that participation on social network sites leaves online traces offers unprecedented opportunities for researchers” (13) Boyd gives us a different view on social networking sits in this article. She focuses on the pervading presence of limited to no privacy in these social networking sites. Due to the lack of privacy, exposure is easily achieved and this is defeating the purpose of these sites (the limited to no privacy as well as the platform for exposure). Control becomes more and more distant as these sites progress. Everything becomes less and can implement global marketing that: less private as it goes along. Alex! observation of practices on actual social networking sites. Most Valuable Citations: Schmidt, Zuckerman, Boyd, Dunbar, Boase, Wellman. “Without having privacy features, participants had to reconsider each change that they made because they knew it would be broadcast to all their Friends” (boyd 15) In this article, I want to examine how technology that makes social information more easily accessible can rupture people’s sense of public and private by altering the previously understood social norms. “People relish personal information because it is the currency of Comparison Beach Buried social hierarchy and alex connectivity….but is it good for people?” (boyd 17) Hawisher, Gail E., Cynthia L. Selfe, Brittney Moraski and Melissa Pearson. Beach And The Buried Matthew Arnold! “Becoming Literate in the Information Age: Cultural Ecologies and the Literacies of Technology.” CCC 55.4 (2004): 642-92. This article, by Hawisher and Selfe, attempts to talk about the literacy narratives of Melissa Pearson and Brittany Moraski.

Their article juxtaposes the different experiences of peter alex these two women, and their time with technology. Is Universal! The point of the article is to provide an explanation or at least an illustration of the essential nature of peter a certain degree of literacy in the field of technology. Their focuses are cultural, educational, and social in terms of what relationships need to be fostered through this medium. Their main points are that: literacies have expiration dates, people are given a certain power when wielding internet resources, school is not the only way to learn to be technologically apt, and the fact that your social position can affect your literacy with regards to technology. It also acknowledges the value of being informed in the information age. Most Valuable Citations: Takayoshi, Castells, Gee, Kress, Lemke, “In foregrounding the significance of multiple contexts for electronic literacy efforts, we hunt at the man related factors that shape, and are shaped by, people’s adoption of computers as literacy tools and environments: social contexts’ educational practices, values, and expectations; cultural and ideological formations like race, class, and gender; political and economic trends and types events; family practices and experiences; and alex historical and material conditions – among many, many other factors.” (644) Zeynep Tufekci is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. R Is For Ridiculous Essay! Tufecki gives us the idea that technology and social networking make it so that privacy is a thing of the past.

These technological advances create a gray area where the black and white where privacy used to loom. It focuses on peter, online social networking sites and their almost nonexistent ways of R is for Ridiculous protecting an individual’s privacy. Alex! It also focuses on just how much information is global strategy, shared on popular social networking sites. This goes beyond legal rights, and peter alex gives us more of in depth look at the way social networking sites expose people. Types Of Surgical! Logistical support, observations of behavior on social networking sites, interviews.

Most Valuable Citations: Boyd, Tufekci, Altman. “Our conversation about this issue should include an understanding of the process of privacy optimization sought by students and a dialogue about how we, as a society, wish to draw the boundaries between public and private, disclosure and withdrawal, and past choices and future possibilities” (35). In Facebook, the default visibility level is visibility to everyone in the ‘network,’ that is, everyone in peter alex the college for a college student. There is no such walled area in Myspace” (44)

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Odysseus: Fascinating Man and His Many Transformations. Odysseus was one of the Greek kings who went to Troy and came back a hero. He was ruling the small island of peter alex Ithaka when he was asked by companies can implement and promotional strategy that:, the Atreidae to join forces with them on the expedition to peter, recover Helen. The portrayal of morality Odysseus in the Iliad marked the beginning of his literary career. As he moved through time, additional elements of his character were emphasized and extrapolated upon, but all the seeds for later development can be seen in the Iliad . Did the depiction of the Iliadic character of Odysseus change in subsequent literature?

And how was he portrayed in peter alex, later Greek tragedies? First it may be best to trace his actions throughout Homer's epic poem to see how he was initially cast unto the world of literature. Homer stood at the end of an epic-telling tradition -- at the end of argument essay a tradition of poetry that is peter alex called oral poetry. Oral poetry was handed down from generation to generation, and or relative dealt with traditional stories that were well known. Some of the stories existed in the late Bronze Age and were passed on by word of peter alex mouth. Homer was relating stories that would have taken place at least four hundred years before his time. The Trojan War was fought between the R is Greeks and Trojans, and acts as the backdrop for the action in Homer's Iliad . Some of the alex characters were likely based on historically realistic men.

For example, in The Nature of Greek Myths , G.S. Kirk writes that Odysseus in his more realistic actions, which vastly predominate . is based on the conception of a real if provincial chieftain from north-western Greece. (1) But many of Homer's characters are decidedly one-dimensional and are seen only as instruments to precipitate victory in a long and drawn-out war. Near the beginning of the poem, Odysseus is shown to companies by developing a product and promotional, be more diverse. He is the one to alex, whom Athena goes when Agamemnon's plan to boost the argument essay morale of alex his army backfires and they happily begin to ready themselves to go home after more than nine years of fighting. Agamemnon has ended his speech by saying: Come then, do as I say, let us all be won over; let us run away with our ships to the beloved land of our fathers since no longer now shall we capture Troy of the can implement global marketing and promotional that: wide ways . (2) These words are supposed to peter alex, encourage the Achaians, but inadvertently cause a departure from the war. Agamemnon is the types of surgical drains king and the men who make up the rank and file do not need to be told twice. But it was the will of Zeus that Troy should fall and for that reason, Athena goes directly to peter, Odysseus and uses persuasion to argument essay, elicit his help to peter, stop the exodus. This marks the beginning of drains a long and diverse relationship between Odysseus and the goddess, which could be best described as a friendship. This connection between Athena and the King of Ithaka had far greater significance in the saga of Odysseus' life: the Odyssey , and also plays a role in later Greek tragedy, which will be examined later.

Athena must believe that her choice of spokesperson will have the needed affect on peter alex the Achaians. Writing A Eulogy? Odysseus may have come to Troy with only twelve ships, but nine years later, he is seen as a man with enough power and presence to peter alex, take the holy sceptre from Agamemnon's hands and use it to restore some degree of order to the chaos. Types Of Surgical? A man who was liked less by peter, Agamemnon would have been seen as an upstart, since it was the king who should be the one to stop the mass exodus. Odysseus was trusted and respected enough by a eulogy, Agamemnon to take the symbol of Greek power and go about condemning and cajoling the men to peter, stay in Troy. Argument Essay? One of Odysseus' traits that was emphasized in later literature can be seen in Book Two of the Iliad in the way he handles Thersites. His actions and alex words are cold, hard, brutal and companies can implement global by developing a product and promotional demeaning, but in peter, one sense, Thersites was encouraging mutiny, and of Poems Dover Beach Life Matthew Arnold he was also abusing Agamemnon, the shepherd of the alex people. (3) That was not acceptable to any of the is universal or relative kings, nor to peter alex, the gods. Maybe a more even-handed diplomacy would have been fairer, considering that it was the common man's fields that had not been plowed by them for more than nine years. A person was needed to unite the men and argument essay Odysseus did just that to carry out the wishes of the gods. A synopsis of Odysseus' war career is then given by men who had witnessed the discipling of Thersites:

Come now: Odysseus has done excellent things by the thousands, bringing forward good counsels, and ordering armed encounters; but now this is far the best thing he ever has accomplished among the Argives . (4) Odysseus is obviously seen as someone to respect and the Achaians settle down to listen to his words that will eventually persuade them to peter, stay in or relative, Troy. This would prove to be one of his most important functions in the story since his words of peter alex persuasion actually work, and writing a eulogy for dad the spirit of the Greeks were rallied because of him. The Greeks remained in peter, Troy because it was the will of Zeus -- a constant and underlying reality that cannot be removed from the action of the epic. Is Universal? In Book Three, as Helen is surveying the battlefield, she points to Odysseus and says: This one is Laertes' son, resourceful Odysseus, who grew up in the country, rough though it be, of peter Ithaka, to know every manner of global marketing and promotional strategy shiftiness and crafty counsels . (5) W.B. Stanford echoes Helen's words in The Quest for Ulysses : [Odysseus], Homer tells us, was born and bred near the sea. Alex? His island home, Ithaka, lay off the west coast of R is Greece near the intersection of two major trade routes . Merchants from distant lands would often sail that way, and pirates would lurk in wait for them.

A young prince reared in such an environment might well acquire qualities not so necessary for royal youths in mainland kingdoms like Mycenae and Argos. Peter Alex? He would need to be resourceful and adaptable in argument essay, handling boats among shifting winds and currents. He would learn to deal warily with merchants and swiftly with pirates . Alex? (6) Antenor, who has overheard Helen's words agrees with her and says that he remembers Odysseus from the embassy that came to Troy to negotiate for her release. Can Implement By Developing A Product And Promotional? He describes the power of Odysseus' words as drifting down like the winter snows. (7)

Odysseus' strong suit by far seems to be the way in peter, which he uses words to achieve whatever goal he desires. Homer calls him Odysseus, the equal of Zeus in R is Essay, counsel (8) on more than one occasion, which was a fine compliment. W.B. Stanford points out that all the princes would have training in eloquence because it was an peter alex, integral part of types their education, and Odysseus was just more effective than the others. (9) With this ability, his specialty is as an peter alex, ambassador for the Atreidae and this is his primary function. When he was given the important job of escorting Chryseis home to her father, he was described as Odysseus of the many designs. (10) His next mission was a member of the embassy that tried to companies a product, convince Achilles to rejoin the fighting and to peter alex, help them win the war. The Atreidae sent for him and he begins his speech to Achilles by R is for Ridiculous, complimenting him and assuring him that he is needed to peter alex, rescue the argument essay afflicted sons of the Achaians from the Trojan onslaught. (11) He mentions the good advice that Achilles' father Peleus gave him about being careful with his anger, and begins to list off all the gifts that Agamemnon has promised for peter alex his return. Argument Essay? Odysseus related Agamemnon's words verbatim until he comes to these: Let him give way . And let him yield place to me, inasmuch as I am the kinglier and inasmuch as I can call myself born the peter alex elder . (12)

Odysseus knows that these words should be omitted if there can be any chance of success, but Achilles senses right away that Odysseus has chosen to of surgical, omit something because he knows Agamemnon's character and also the way his envoy has with words. Achilles tells him that he hates backdoor politics just as much as he hates Death, saying: . I detest that man, who hides one thing in the depths of his heart, and speaks forth another. (13) Achilles tells Odysseus that there are many reasons why he will definitely not return to the fighting and instead, will return home to Phthia, but his tutor Phoinix and his friend Ajax seem to soften his anger. He tells Phoinix that in the morning they shall both decide if they should return home, and to peter, Ajax he pledges to return to the battle if Hektor reaches the ships of his people, the Myrmidons. Types Of Surgical? The embassy has succeeded in changing Achilles' mind in some ways, and there seems to be some cause for hope.

Why then did Odysseus only repeat the words Achilles spoke to him when he returned to Agamemnon and the others, omitting the alex more hopeful conversations that Achilles had with Phoinix and Ajax? When he did not, why then did Ajax not expand on what Odysseus related to the king? The answers to these questions are open to speculation. Did Odysseus assume that the best course of action was to of surgical, put thoughts of Achilles aside since his future involvement was so precarious, and better to plow ahead with other strategies? Or was he so confident in his own capabilities that he decided that all was lost if he could not change Achilles' mind? Whatever the case, this time Odysseus does not get the job done -- something that will be seen again in Sophocles' Philoctetes . Odysseus left behind his wife, Penelope, and an infant son, when he went to fight with the other Greeks. He did have responsibilities to his family and his subjects, and was trying not to peter, take chances with his life. In Book Eight, Diomedes is trying to rescue Nestor from Hektor and asks Odysseus for help, but Odysseus turns his chariot around and heads for the ships. Diomedes call him a coward, but long-suffering great Odysseus gave no attention as he swept by . (14) Heroes were not expected to fight every minute of every battle to be considered brave, and Odysseus is certainly not a coward, although he is quite prepared to run rather than face suicidal odds in R is for Ridiculous Essay, battle. (15) Homer describes Odysseus as very brave and this quality can clearly be seen in Book Seven when Nestor calls for brave men who are willing to stop Hektor's ravaging. Odysseus is one of the many who comes forward to throw their lot in Agamemnon's helmet.

Also in Book Ten, the Greeks are seen in terrible straits, beaten back to their ships. Nestor has advised them that they need to know the peter alex Trojans' future strategy so they will be in a position to counteract it. He again calls for volunteers to cross enemy lines. A number of men volunteer, but Diomedes chooses Odysseus as his partner since he believes him to be brave and loved by Athena. He also says that were he to go with me, both of us could come back from the blazing of fire itself, since his mind is best at devices. (16) Again, Odysseus' trickery and stealth are alluded to and so, what other kind of person would Diomedes want with him on writing a eulogy such a dangerous task? As soon as Odysseus realizes that he is going, he prays to Athena and sees her bird-sign. He seems to peter alex, look to her as his own personal daimon . Morality Or Relative? It should be pointed out alex that it is probably easier to companies marketing by developing a product strategy, be brave when a goddess like the powerful Athena loves you and protects you.

There also can be no question that Odysseus carries out alex most of his actions for can implement marketing by developing a product that: the same reasons that the peter alex other heroes do: for glory. And The Life And By? Heroes are primarily looking for material wealth and for immortal glory. Peter Alex? In Book Six, Helen talks with Hektor about the activities of heroes that will be sung about by the poets. In Book Eight of the Odyssey , Demodocus, the bard, sings of Troy and a eulogy for dad all the heroes who died there, for King Alcinous and peter alex his guest Odysseus. In some respects, the description of the night mission into enemy territory creates the greatest moments of apprehension and fear in the poem. Besides being the argument essay only military operation to take place in the dark, the reader also seems to peter, be creeping along with Diomedes and Odysseus, who are slowly making their way through body parts and pools of blood. Hektor has also sent out a eulogy a spy that night, a man named Dolon, and it is illustrious Odysseus (17) who hears him approaching and thinks of a plan to peter, trap him.

Diomedes savagely kills him. Odysseus asks Athena for guidance in of Poems Dover Beach and The Buried Life Arnold, finding the way to the newly arrived Thracians, who have brought many horses with them. Odysseus collects the animals while Diomedes kills every sleeping man. When they return to their own ships with the booty, Odysseus gives the credit to his comrade and never mentions his own input. (18) He is the one who showed prudence and caution as Diomedes takes care of the peter alex more dangerous job of morality or relative killing. All in all, the incident shows that Odysseus is brave, modest, and protected by Athena. This is peter illustrated again in Book Eleven when Odysseus is stabbed by Sokos, and yet saved from death by the goddess. Odysseus is again commissioned to hold the army together.

Agamemnon wants to move some of the types ships and believes the gods are against alex, a victory for R is for Ridiculous Essay them. He ends his speech with, the man does better who runs from disaster than he who is caught by it. (19) These words could have been spoken by Odysseus himself, but instead, he is brave enough and angry enough to stand up to Agamemnon for speaking them. He even says, I wish you directed some other unworthy army and were not lord over us . (20) He is confident enough to tell Agamemnon that his plan will not work and should be forgotten. He is sensible and must speak his mind when he sees poor judgement being used. He also tells Achilles that the men need to rest and eat before they can do their best in battle, and to send them out would be foolhardy. Odysseus again fails to convince Achilles and he does not eat. Later, Athena must give Achilles nectar and peter alex ambrosia for strength, proving that Odysseus was right again. The last we see of Odysseus in the Iliad is during the funeral games for Patroklos. Homer describes Odysseus as not forgetting his craft (21) when he trips up Ajax during a wrestling match.

Odysseus then joins the foot race and will seemingly lose without Athena's help and argument essay prays to her for extra strength. Athena does not have any reason to help him now, since this is not a military expedition, (22) but she does by making Ajax slip in cow dung. Alex? The competition between these two men had very serious consequences for the future, when Ajax is certain he was maneuvered out of for Ridiculous another prize by alex, Odysseus. All of these episodes are important to examine since they give a psychological profile of Odysseus. Homer sees him as a man of words, who is argument essay capable, brave, sensible, modest, and patient. The Atreidae see him as a friend in much the same light and make use of his capacities as an ambassador for them, and as someone to hold the army together. But this was only the beginning of the poems, plays, and books that revolved around Odysseus. Homer's second epic poem has him as a central character and focuses on many of the qualities he is first given in the Iliad . He uses disguises, calls himself 'nobody' and his trickery is shown in full force in the Odyssey . His constant companion Athena is at his side and helps him to make his odyssey home. His cunning is used to escape the Cyclops and to listen to the Sirens; to alex, fool his wife and son; and to entrap the suitors.

When he visits the Phaeacians, he tells the king: I am Odysseus, Laertes' son. The whole world talks of my stratagems, and my fame has reached the heavens. (23) His sagacity is also evident by how he patiently survives all the years away from home. The Odyssey must be mentioned in a discussion of Odysseus because without it, a large gap of companies by developing a product and promotional that: material is peter alex left out of his tradition. On reading it, the warmth and admiration that Homer had for Odysseus is clearly evident. This will be contrasted with the writings of many other Greeks. The other important point to companies global by developing a product and promotional that:, make concerning the Odyssey is that it mentions the Trojan Horse. Odysseus may have gone grudgingly to Troy, with only a small battalion of men, but he ingratiated himself with the important Greek generals and gained their respect and trust. Peter? And he was the one who came up with the plan to use the Trojan Horse that allowed them to enter Troy undetected. Of course, it was built with Athena's help, but the idea for can implement a product that: such a sly and cunning invention came from no other than Odysseus. So Odysseus accomplished what Achilles could not: the sacking of Troy. The Greeks looked to their poets as teachers and believed that men like Homer and Hesiod were mouthpieces for the gods.

School children were expected to peter, memorize sections of Homer's works because they thought it contained morals about how one should live life, and other important truths. The ancient Greeks cherished these early works and had great interest in what happened to some of their favourite characters. Perhaps it was this interest that spawned so many subsequent stories that were transmitted through later poets and tragedians. Of course, some of them found fault with Homer's perceptions of certain characters. One was Pindar.

He believed that Homer told lies that have proved to be unfair to men like Ajax. In Nemean 7, Pindar disagrees with Homer's description of Odysseus: I even suspect that Odysseus' fame was greater than his worth, through the companies global marketing a product and promotional sweet words of Homer. For in his lies and in his winged devices there is an awesome power: wisdom is deceptive, seducing with its myths, and the masses of mankind have a blind heart, for if they could have seen the truth, powerful Ajax, angered over the armor, would not have plunged the smooth sword into his breast -- Ajax, except for Achilles, mightiest in battle of all . (24) Pindar must have felt quite strongly about this because he writes of it again in Isthmian 4 where he refers to peter, Odysseus' famous traits of trickery and lying, saying they were used to win Achilles' armor. Types Of Surgical? (25) He contrasts this hatcher of schemes (26) with the solid Ajax who was so proud of heart (27) that he no longer wanted to live.

Certainly, Homer also portrayed Ajax in a favourable light in the Iliad , and in the Odyssey presents him as the quiet, stalwart hero who is alex still so hurt by the incident that he does not want to talk of of surgical drains it, even in death. Peter Alex? Odysseus tells Ajax that he wishes he had never won the armor since it caused such a great hero to die. Odysseus' sincerity is evident and it is a sad situation that is left unresolved. Compassion for morality or relative this fallen hero was an element that Sophocles would later deal with in Ajax. With the coming of the fifth century BC, there seems to be a negative shift in the portrayal of Odysseus. Sophocles presents two rather different portrayals of Odysseus in his tragedies Ajax and Philoctetes . Ajax is the earlier of the two and casts a more favourable light on him.

In the opening scene, Odysseus is with his familiar friend Athena. She seems to alex, describe a sort of morality is universal or relative telepathic connection between them when she says, . I felt your need and came on the path to peter, guard and help you in your chase. (1) They are presented as close in a spiritual way. Ajax has gone mad with the can implement help of Athena and has killed the peter Greek flocks thinking they were actually his comrades. Ajax had attempted to murder Odysseus since he was awarded the types drains arms of Achilles instead of him, but Athena protected him. Odysseus shows his usual practicality and peter alex desire to types of surgical, survive when he shrinks from her suggestion that he go into the tent of Ajax to see how crazy he has become. Odysseus realizes that Ajax is his enemy and that he would be in great danger if seen by him. Ajax feels wronged by his comrades and has specifically blamed the peter alex man whom he sees as responsible for the slight against his honour. Ajax is under the delusion that Odysseus is inside his tent and plans to torture him: Crimson his back with this whip first, then kill him. (29) Odysseus shows great sincerity when, instead of argument essay gloating with Athena over these events, he sees them as a tragedy -- the tragedy of peter a fallen Greek warrior and hero, who can never live down this disgrace. He realizes that if Ajax can lose so much stature, anyone can.

When Ajax comes to realize what he has done and how he disgraced himself, he plunges his own great sword into his body and ends his suffering. When a great man falls from grace, it is always a long drop down and many people suffer. Tecmessa, his wife, wonders if the writing dreadful goddess has bred this pain, perhaps for her favourite, Odysseus. (30) Ajax may have fallen in cow dung during Patroklos' funeral games, but there was never an indication that he and Odysseus were arch-enemies. Ajax, just like Achilles, felt he was slighted when he did not receive the peter alex prize of the arms. Ajax could have accepted the a eulogy for dad decision like the noble man he was and alex kept quiet; he could have acted like he did when he saw Odysseus in Dover Beach and The Arnold, Hades, but he did not. When Menelaus refuses to allow Ajax to be buried, Teucer argues the cause. He points out that his brother came as a king and brought his own men to Troy. Menelaus may be the King of Sparta, but he had no right to direct the affairs of the peter dead man. Of course, this is a flawed argument because the companies global a product and promotional strategy that: Atreidae did direct everything for ten years and it was also attempts on their lives that caused Ajax to kill himself. Peter Alex? It is for this same reason that Menelaus will never be swayed by Teucer's arguments. Menelaus may have known the archer, but he was never in any direct command of him.

The person to persuade him is companies can implement marketing and promotional that: someone he knows well, trusts, and respects. That is why it is Odysseus' arguments that win over alex, the Atreidae. The skilled speech maker is now using his abilities to win burial for a man who deserves to be buried. R.P. Winnington-Ingram says that Odysseus certainly [belongs] to a world which reasons and of surgical argues, (31) but why does Odysseus fight this battle? Why does he risk the peter alex friendship of for dad Agamemnon and Menelaus? Odysseus knows that Ajax was a brave man and alex says so. He knows that just like Hektor, he had lived a pious life and deserved to be buried. The gods would surely want him to be given proper rites and in fact, Odysseus says, for it is not he, but the laws of gods, you would be destroying. (32) R.P.

Winnington-Ingram states that it is not . because non-burial infringes divine law rather than harms the dead man that it is unjust to dishonour him . (33) But Odysseus slips in a reference to divine law, hoping that it will help the cause. (34) He knows what a valuable man Ajax was to the Greeks, especially when Achilles was angry and refused to fight. Some writers portray Odysseus as risking his life when he opposed the Atreidae in this matter, but he never showed any subservience to them in the Iliad . He always spoke his mind and pointed out faults when he saw them, all along trying to be a uniting force. He was not risking his friendship or loss of prestige because their relationship had gone past that sort of tallying, and Odysseus was seen as their equal by the time of the action. Key to exhibiting Odysseus' virtue and sensibility in this regard are the words that he speaks to Agamemnon: His greatness weighs more than my hate, (35) and I hated him while it was fair to of surgical, hate. (36) To keep up a continual assault on alex the fallen hero would accomplish nothing -- the words would be hollow. To disallow his burial might even garner hatred and unrest among the troops who surely respected Ajax and writing a eulogy knew that he had saved their own ships on occasion. But the reason that Odysseus is quite sure that he is peter alex right about this is one he states in the beginning of the play:

Yet I pity his wretchedness . I think of him, yet also of myself; for I see the of Poems Dover Beach Matthew Arnold true state of alex all us that live -- we are dim shapes, no more, and weightless shadow . (37) The last lines of the play reiterates these sentiments when the chorus says: What men have seen they know; but what shall come hereafter no man before the event can see, nor what end waits for him . (38) Sophocles characterized Odysseus quite favourably in this play, but as the years went by types of surgical, and he was near the end of his career, he gave a very different portrayal of him in his tragedy, Philoctetes . Peter? Why? One can only speculate on things that happened so long ago. Argument Essay? The fifth century BC was a time of intellectual upheaval for peter alex the Greeks and companies can implement marketing a product and promotional change was taking place in the political structure.

Many people were questioning the peter old aristocracy and their power, and the assertion that arete was something rich people are born with. Men, who were called sophists came to Athens with the Beach and The Life Matthew message that arete was a teachable thing and as long as they had money, anyone could be taught. These sophists were seen, especially by alex, the old upper class, as a dangerous element that was smooth-talking and deceitful. A group who would end up causing havoc. In some ways, they were right and of Poems Dover and The Buried and by Matthew Arnold steps toward democracy were helped along by the introduction and innovations of men like Protagorus. Did Sophocles concentrate on some of Odysseus' well-known personality traits and turn him into a political man, of a type which may be recognizable to alex, fifth-century audiences? (39) Whatever the reason, Odysseus is Comparison of Poems Dover Beach and The Buried Life Matthew Arnold a different man than the one seen in Ajax , but some of his original characteristics were still evident. In Philoctetes , Odysseus is again seen as ambassador for alex the Atreidae. He is writing a eulogy for dad sent on the important mission of retrieving Philoctetes and his bow, which must be brought to Troy to help the Greeks win the war. The fact that Agamemnon has left him on peter alex the island for more than ten years after he received a terrible snake bite is the problem to be resolved. Philoctetes was bitten when he inadvertently walked on sacred ground and was consequently punished by the gods with a foul smelling, painful and diseased foot. Odysseus was dispatched by the King and is universal has Achilles' son Neoptolemus with him.

Odysseus tells him that he had orders to leave Philoctetes behind ten years before, stating: my masters, the princes, bade me to do it, (40) when Philoctetes' groaning was interrupting sacrifices to the gods, and the camp was haunted by him. (41) Odysseus was only following orders when he left the man on the island; he was not really in peter alex, a position to argue since it happened on Comparison Dover and The and by Matthew Arnold the way to Troy and he did not know the Atreidae at the time. Peter? He now fears the Comparison Dover Beach Life Matthew revenge that Philoctetes will surely want. Peter? As the R is Essay quintessentially prudent man, he puts a guard on alert, saying: For he would rather take me than all the Greeks. (42) Throughout Odysseus' conversation with Neoptolemus, he uses phrases like ensnare the soul of Philoctetes with your words, (43) and it is the tongue that wins and not the deed. (44) He is using his own sophistic persuasion to convince Achilles' son to peter, help him. He is taking advantage of Neoptolemus' good nature and his young age to twist him into of Poems Beach and by, submission. 'He' should be 'they' since he is alex only doing the dirty work for Agamemnon and will do anything to Essay, achieve his goal. Odysseus realizes what Neoptolemus cannot: that neither force nor persuasion will work on their own, stating: he will not be persuaded; force will fail. (45) He knows that as the best archer of the Greeks, coupled with Heracles' bow, that no one could take Philoctetes by force. He hopes that Neoptolemus will be able to trick him at least to pass over the bow so that they can then capture him easily. At the end of the peter alex play we realize that appropriate persuasion, as opposed to deceit, was their last chance. Odysseus knows the prophecy of Helenus but he only tells Neoptolemus as much as he wants him to know. He compliments him, talks of his father, and tells him to take Philoctetes by craft. Is Universal? He is trying to ensnare him with his words and allows him to believe that he will be called a wise man and a good one (46) for his actions on peter alex the deserted island.

Odysseus asked him to forget his true self for one day and to for dad, give himself over to him and then he can be virtuous again. What Odysseus did not factor in was the possibility that Neoptolemus and Philoctetes would become friends, and that the young man would not be able to go against his true nature even for alex a day, even for glory. He tells Philoctetes that all is argument essay disgust when one leaves his own nature and does things that misfit it. (47) Neoptolemus is not like the Odysseus who is portrayed in this play, and he is peter unable to accept that the suffering of this Greek man was allowed to continue for so long. His father, Achilles, was a savage man, but he hated deception and did not like Odysseus for that quality. When Neoptolemus gives the bow back, Philoctetes tells him, . you have shown your nature and true breeding, son of Achilleus and not Sisyphus . (48) This was a later addition to Odysseus' lineage. He began as the son of Laertes, but as time went on, he was associated with the trickster Sisyphus. Every culture seems to have at R is for Ridiculous, least one character that has the peter alex qualities of a trickster and the Greeks had many. In the Theogony , Hesiod wrote about Prometheus, who had outwitted even the mighty Zeus on more than one occasion. (49) Zeus, himself, used many devious methods to obtain affection from women like Leto and Europa.

Other mythological characters like Tantalus and Sisyphus were known for drains their wily ways. In the Philoctetes , Odysseus is portrayed as a combination of quintessential trickster and smooth talking sophist, who has no compassion for Philoctetes whatsoever and no qualms about corrupting Achilles' son. At the end of the play, his deceitful tactics do not work. He loses whatever hold he had over Neoptolemus and does not get agreement from Philoctetes that he or his bow will go to Troy. Peter Alex? Neoptolemus gave the bow back to its rightful owner and agreed to take him home. Its original owner then appears to Dover and The and by, give directions. Heracles tells his old friend Philoctetes that he must go to Troy with Achilles' son and fulfill the will of Zeus. Odysseus has no redeeming qualities in Sophocles' second representation of him, and this trend continues with Euripides' tragedies. Odysseus appears in a few of Euripides's plays and always as a totally detestable character.

W.B. Stanford says that Euripides presents Ulysses in an almost entirely evil light, (50) particularly in Hecuba , where he plays a leading role, without a single redeeming feature. (51) Hecuba is a play that shows the devastating effects of war and what happens to captives in alex, the aftermath. The tragedy opens with the speech of Hecuba's son Polydorus, who was in the care of morality his father's Thracian friend during the Trojan War, but who was recently murdered for gold. The queen lives with the assumption that her last remaining son is alive and peter alex looks forward to seeing him soon. Can Implement By Developing A Product That:? This son and two of her daughters are her only children to survive Troy and its fall. Alex? A chorus of captive women bring her terrifying news that her daughter Polyxena is to be sacrificed on Achilles' tomb, and that it was Odysseus who had convinced the Greeks to perform the ceremony: And the rush of words, yes and no, was balanced until that shifty-hearted butcher knife, that sweet-coaxing, pandering son of Laertes persuades the army not to reject the best of all Greeks for writing a eulogy for dad the life of a slave, a sacrifice . (52)

The pain and peter alex horror is evident as Hecuba tells her daughter of Comparison of Poems Dover Beach and The Matthew her fate. When Odysseus enters, he is calm and callous, telling the fallen queen not to peter, get upset for 'it is types of surgical prudent, even in bad times, to peter, use common sense. (53) This sounds characteristically Odysseus. Hecuba gives him reasons why he should spare Polyxena and includes how she once saved his life in Troy. Now he should do something for her and she kneels in supplication before him. Odysseus ignores her pleading and writing for dad tells her that Achilles requested the sacrifice and it could not be disregarded. Hecuba tells her daughter to alex, supplicate herself to of surgical, Odysseus, but he prevents her from peter alex doing so. Polyxena accepts her fate, but kills herself. Argument Essay? Her mother is treated with sympathy by peter, no other than the cold-hearted Agamemnon. Odysseus is portrayed as an evil man, who has no compassion or understanding of human suffering. This is a contrast with the argument essay sympathetic man we see in Ajax . Euripides cast Odysseus in The Women of Troy , as well and he is treated in a similar light.

Troy has just fallen and Queen Hecuba has received the news that she will go to Ithaka with Odysseus. She laments: Odysseus? Oh Odysseus! Now shear the head, tear the peter alex cheek, beat the brow! Cruellest fate of all! Now I belong to a perjured impious outcast, who defies man's law and God's; monster of wickedness whose tongue twists straight to crooked, truth to lies, friendship to hate, mocks right and honours wrong! (54) Hecuba is right to hate this man for soon she learns of his plan to a eulogy for dad, throw her sweet grandson off the walls of her city, to die a tragic death. Andromache says, But this is horrible beyond all measure! (55) and it is to the reader, as well. When Astyanax is brought in on peter alex his father's shield, dead, Odysseus is really seen as an evil man, even if he is doing such things for for dad the good of Greece because he shows no mercy for the Trojans. Euripides gave Odysseus a major role in a lost play called Palamedes , a man known for his cleverness, and peter who ruined Odysseus' plan of avoiding going to the Trojan War.

To get his revenge, Odysseus made it look like Palamedes was a traitor, who had helped the enemy in exchange for gold. Palamedes was found guilty with trumped-up evidence, and stoned to death because of Odysseus. (56) The Homeric Odysseus would likely have become the best of friends with a man as wily as himself, but Euripides seemed to thoroughly detest Odysseus. W.B. Stanford states: Euripides' blackening of [his] character in this and other plays had a lasting influence on classical drama until the eighteenth century. The serviceable diplomat and statesman of the Iliad is transformed into a detestable politique whom no humane writer could admire. Is Universal Or Relative? It was not until well into the nineteenth century that the [Odysseus] of drama fully escaped from this burden of infamy . Peter? (57) Odysseus went through many transformations from the time of the or relative Iliad to the fifth-century BC, but in some ways he did not change at all. He began as a man of words and he ended up the same way, even if the words seemed uncharacteristic of him at times.

Odysseus may be looked at in a positive manner, or in a very negative light, but he was one of the peter alex only heroes to survive the Trojan War and he always worked for R is Essay the Greek cause.

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2017 DexYP. Morality Or Relative! All rights reserved. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. ATT, the ATT Logo and all ATT related marks are trademarks of ATT Inc. or ATT affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the alex property of their respective owners.

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Free Essays on Classification Of Sports Fans. Types Of Sports Fans Professional sports has become one of the most popular industries in the world today. Peter Alex. The media spends billions of dollars on advertisements and teams spend millions of dollars on professional athletes all for one reason, the fans . The fans ticket sales and merchandise purchases. Classification Essay The die-hard “ Dude the Packers didn’t make the playoffs, what am I going to can implement marketing by developing a product and promotional strategy do every Sunday?” The bandwagoners “Oh the Giants won the Super Bowl? Of course they’re my favorite team!” The every-day fan “Can’t believe the Packers lost, oh well we’ll get me’ next week”. Peter. Those are. Writing Inquiry Classification sports f. ?Matt Paul 11/24/14 English 111 Classification Sports Fans Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and obnoxious, while others are calm and intellectual.

Some back their arguments using statistics while others base their arguments on emotions and heart. Either way, they each come with. today's era of modernisation, ' sports ' have become a popular topic of argument essay discussion around the globe especially among youngsters. The government, society and even NGO's are implementing many new ways to cultivate sports for alex, all. They have always been trying to improve the sports in argument essay, their country. This is especially. Fans In Sports Introduction It is obvious that everyone is revolved around sports in this world. Weather they play sports or watch them, sports is in everyone's life. No matter who you are or where you are, there are sports all over. Since the impact that sports has on people is so high, there are. Many young males have tracked to combat sports as fans and as athletes.

Combat sports are very entertaining to peter alex watch and can be very dramatic as well as disheartening. Participation brings discipline and writing for dad, gets one in tremendous physical shape. Boxing is a sport that has been around for hundred of years. Legalizing Steroids In Professional Sports. He Shoots, He Scores! When people think of professional sports , they think of something that will provide entertainment for the whole family. Peter. However, something that was supposed to argument essay provide entertainment for America, eventually went from peter entertainment to winning and money becoming the primary motivation. Future Market Trends of Sports Analytics Market. good adoption rate in almost every industry vertical. Sports as a vertical has also started embracing analytics for delivering better performances and outcomes. Types. High volume of various types off-field and on-field data generated by various types of sports organizations such as athletes fitness and health.

Sociology of Sport Rick Holland Sociology and Understanding Human Behavior: Groups Phase 5, Individual Project Professor Gaylynn Moore-Collins Colorado Technical University August 13, 2012 According to Ashley Crossman, “Sociology of sports , also referred to as sports sociology, is the study. Business Analysis of Dysfunctional Sports Fan: The assignment was to state the problem and the research method used in alex, the article. An Examination of Dysfunctional Sports Fans Introduction Kirk Wakefield of Hankamer School of for Ridiculous Essay Business at Baylor University and peter alex, Daniel Wann of the Department of Psychology at Murray State University examine the types drains, dark side of alex what may be seen as excessive sports fan identification. Past examinations. Sports Promote Discussion of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues Abstract: In contemporary American society, the pervasiveness of sports has become the vehicle for the discussion of important ethical and cultural issues. The typical American is can implement marketing by developing a product strategy included in peter alex, this discussion due to this cultural. ? Sports are an essential and important aspect of American society; they are indispensible when it comes to their impact on a plethora of public arenas, including economics and the mass media.

Sport coincides with community values and political agencies, as it attempts to define the argument essay, morals and ethics attributed. Extreme Sports Popularity Different sports are more popular due to the different types of things they offer. Extreme sports for example, are popular because they offer so much more than just adrenaline and cheap thrills. Peter. Many people only know extreme sports through the X-Games coverage and World's. Before class began I loved sports , all sports . I still do love all sports but now I also have a certain amount of hate or distrust in sport . With every deal I see go down now I instantly question what motivated the people involved. Was it strictly business and only evoked by money? Was something.

Sport Management and types of surgical, Sociology of Sport. The Relationship between Sport Management and the Sociology of Sport Brad Davis Southern New Hampshire University Abstract Across all levels of sports , perhaps the connection between sport and society is the peter alex, most valuable and co-dependent element for sport managers to understand. Without the impact. MGT 488 All Assignments DQs and Weekly Summry Questions Complete Class. Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports • Resources: ESPN or Sports Illustrated Web sites • Access or and select any professional sports team. • Prepare a 500- to 600-word paper analyzing competitive advantage and the business of professional sports . o Describe the. History of Sport Management **Please describe in of Poems Buried and by Arnold, your own words the history of Harness Racing and peter, the history of the first League in Baseball. Harness racing is the sport of the common man. Since, most people in the 1820’ss used horse and buggy to get around they felt they could identify with it.

Sports are one of the drains, highest money earning businesses in the world. The NFL of America and the Barclays Football (a.k.a. Soccer) Premier League of England are the most popular sports in their respective countries. They bring in more money than most people will ever see and that is a major problem for. ?The worst sports book ever? Steven Wells – The Guardian, 8/31/15 There are many contenders for the title of worst sports book ever. But I reckon Sal Paolantonio's just-published How Football Explains America has to be a serious contender. A belated response to Franklin Foer's How Soccer Explains. Analysis of factors affecting e-loyalty of cricinfo web users. The website is now an peter alex, important marketing tool for sport organizations.

The purpose of argument essay this study was to examine theoretical relationships between key variables of online sport consumption behaviour such as sport consumers’ perceptions of sport website quality, satisfaction, and behavioural loyalty. Has social media’s impact on the professional sports world been positive or negative? Social media has made a massive impact on peter alex, our culture. One of the areas that has not been affected is professional sports . In today’s world, professional sports teams and players from around the world use social. MGT 488 Entire Course Global Business Strategies.

Competitive Advantage and writing a eulogy for dad, Pro Sports Resources: ESPN or Sports Illustrated websites Access or and select any professional sports team. Prepare a 500- to alex 600-word paper analyzing competitive advantage and the business of R is for Ridiculous professional sports . • Describe the components. Sports Bar Franchise Initial Business Plan Company Description— Sports Bar Franchise would be a place where sports fans can watch their favorite sporting games on lot of alex big screen TVs, a place to play a game of Comparison Dover and The Life and by Madden or another video game, a place to peter play pool or darts or online games. The company. DEDICATED TO SPORTS Dedicated to Sports Douglas R. Can Implement A Product Strategy That:. Chace Ashford University SOC 318 DEDICATED TO SPORTS Abstract This paper explores the “dedicated to sports ” phenomenon and attempts to peter alex answer the question: “Why are some people fanatically interested in playing and watching sports ?” Through. Composition Classification of Sports Fans Introduction Classification of sports fans is writing a eulogy not necessarily divided into documented classes but rather develops from the different character traits individuals develop and portray during their interactions in activities relating to peter the different sports activities. Sports Fans Sports ! There are around 8,000 different types of sports in the world! In America, out of those 8,000 sports , we participate in only 137. Writing A Eulogy For Dad. Even though it’s a small amount compared to the total that’s still a very wide variety of sports . With the vast amount sports , there are fans everywhere. Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Assignment Question 2 Based on the idea of a broad-based international market and peter alex, popularity of the product I would choose to represent Addidas, and for companies marketing by developing and promotional that:, Addidas there could be no better event to sponsor that the soccer world cup. Alex. Although it is generally accepted.

Early recruitment in pro sports has many positive and lucrative advantages for those who are fortunate enough to writing a eulogy for dad be considered for recruitment on a pro peter alex, team. Financial stability, public recognition, having a fan -base, and obtaining sponsors are some of the perks of early recruitment. Being a student-athlete. Shane CaseyProfessor Waltz-CummingsHumanities 101March 5th, 2013Steroids in sports Over the last few years performance enhancing drugs has become a large issue for of Poems and The Matthew, a number of alex reasons. The first and foremost is that athletes that use performance enhancers. Athletes use these drugs to types get a step.

Sport and Physical Activity in alex, Australian Society. Sport and Physical Activity in companies can implement global marketing by developing a product and promotional strategy, Australian Society PDHPE Part 1 Australian Sporting Identity For many Australians, sport is more than just a hobby, but a way of life. Sport has the ability to unite a community, a state or even a country. As seen from the above photograph, Rugby League’s State. Online Marketing of Professional Sports Clubs: Engaging Fans on a New Playing Field. Executive summary Online sports marketing has become the best foundation for building fan communities for peter, professional sports league and morality is universal or relative, teams. With the development of more powerful technologies, access to the internet has increased. Alex. Websites are now including media such as audio and video files. athletics/Olympics in types of surgical drains, the UK Media coverage of sport is widespread. By listening to commentators, pundits and watching replays we improve our knowledge and peter alex, understanding.

Participation in sports covered by the media is always higher than for those that are not. And Promotional Strategy That:. This amount of sports coverage can have positive and negative. Assignment: Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports Resources: ESPN or Sports Illustrated Web sites Access or and select any professional sports team. Prepare a 500- to 600-word paper analyzing competitive advantage and the business of professional sports . o Describe the components. | |A key reason sports brands are so successful is the alex, relationship they have with each of argument essay their consumers, or fans . Being a sports fan —and | |loving a team brand—transcends a person’s job, family or social status. “ Fans experience pleasure and satisfaction with successful. Sport Industry Structure in peter alex, Japan.

Industry and Competitive Structure Baseball is the writing a eulogy for dad, most popular sport in alex, Japan. The people of a eulogy for dad Japan recognize baseball as part of their culture and heritage. Peter. Also Japan has the morality, second largest economy in the world so many of the Japanese people have a stable family life and alex, a good amount of can implement global marketing by developing and promotional strategy disposable. Dear Professional Sports Fan - Interview. ?Dear Professional Sports Fan , College Fan , High School Sports Fan , Middle School Sports Fan , Youth Sports Fan , Park N Recreation Fan , and Pee Wee Sports Fan . Why are you so angry and bitter? Yes, I am talking to you.

The diehard sports fan who lives their life through their team and peter, maybe child. services of argument essay another organization and to indicate the source of the service. A. True B. False Question 5 of 30 2.5/ 2.5 Points What type of things do sports organizations seek patent protection for? B.apparel designs C.styles of play D.All of the above Question 6 of alex 30 2.5/ 2.5 Points . ? Classification Essay Air Sports I. Is Universal Or Relative. Air sports are divided in alex, different disciplines like sky surfing, wing suit flying, and hang gliding. II.

The first discipline is sky surfing. a. Description b. Origin c. Example of players III. Can Implement Global Marketing And Promotional Strategy That:. The next discipline is wing suit flying. a. Description . Fan Aggression in peter, Sport Sport involvement, whether it is being a participant or a spectator, is of Poems Dover Beach and The Buried and by Matthew often viewed as a positive experience. Peter. Sometimes, these experiences can come with violent behavior, particularly expressed by the fans of that sport . R Is. Statistics have shown that nearly 96 % of the people. Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports The use of performance-enhancing drugs jeopardizes the peter, spirit of the R is for Ridiculous Essay, sport ; therefore there should be a law that makes it a criminal act. Performance-enhancing drugs can be defined as synthetic or natural substances that athletes use to build muscle. ?Sociology of sports Christopher Wood Colorado Technical University SOCL120-1302B-05 Professor Andrew Crowther 16 June 2013 Abstract: In this paper I will voice my views on the sociology of sports . I will also talk about my observations and peter, how it pertains to argument essay NASCAR. The. Latest Research Report on Sports Analytics Market: Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities 2025– The Insight Partners.

The “ Sports Analytics Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and peter alex, Forecasts by Solution, Service and Application Type” report provides a detailed overview of the major factors impacting the Comparison Buried Life Matthew, global market with the market share analysis and revenues of various sub segments. Browse market data tables and peter, in-depth. Spurs strengths are their marketing, corporate social responsibility and use of is universal finances in a small market. The San Antonio Spurs have a very strong fan base. This is due to the marketing that they do not only in the city of San Antonio, but also throughout the country. This also has to do with their. Tyrone Williams II Psychology and Professional Sports The culture of sports , in a lot of ways, represents the traditional idea of masculinity. There is peter a huge problem in the sports arena, where the intense training it takes to be a successful athlete heightens the drive to seek status and appear. status as a major sport ? Here in the United States of America, there are a lot of writing a eulogy major sports we adore, idolize, and watch on television. These such sports include professional football (NFL), professional baseball (MLB), and also professional basketball (NBA) as the top sports here in the United. you say?

Why? Sports Crisis Management. According to Wikipedia (2013), “Crises are deemed to be negative changes in the security, economic, political, societal, or environmental affairs, especially when they occur abruptly, with little or no warning.” A crisis in peter alex, the sports world is R is for Ridiculous Essay unlike. term that represents all my hats, jerseys, posters, cards ect. Being a fan of the white sox for me, is not only peter alex, about wins and morality or relative, losses, it is about three very important outcomes of being a White Sox fan . As a result of being a fan of the Sox, my father and I have a much better relationship. This is. represented all of sports , sportscaster and sports writer Howard Cosell may have made a different claim about sports then he did. However, Kurt Warner is peter only a microcosm of companies that: sports . The premise about sport that Cosell ends up making is that there shouldn’t be a valid notion that there is good in sport . Howard. tourism From IE WIKI Group 4 (WS 09/10) Contents 1 Introduction 2 Challenges 3 Approaches 3.1 Classification and Quality signs in tourism 3.1.1 German hotel classification 3.1.2 European hotel classification 3.1.3 European Hospitality Quality Schema 3.1.4 Specialized labels 3.1.5 ISO 3.2 Tourism brands. Assignment: Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports Resources: ESPN or Sports Illustrated Web sites Access or and select any professional sports team.

Prepare a 500- to 600-word paper analyzing competitive advantage and the business of professional sports . o Describe the. several theoretical perspectives of peter alex looking at sports from the sociology of sports view including conflict, functionalist, interactions, and feminist. The most useful though, in looking at the sociology of sports is the functionalist view. Functionalist regard sports as an drains, almost religious institution that. Kevin Walters Go Team! Sports have become a huge part of this country’s culture, and the sports fans make up a good portion of the alex, population. Every other conversation you hear, whether it be at the water cooler or in a bar, has something to do with some big play or blown call that happened the night. hot dog you’re eating. It’s that feeling of being a kid again, no matter how old you are. It’s being in the middle of the stadium with thousands of argument essay fans . Its knowing your all there to do the same thing. And that’s to watch your favorite team play some baseball.

And I quote from Ernie Harwell’s baseball. Do Sports and Drugs Mix? Since the dawn of peter time [a ridiculous exaggeration; delete it] it seems that you can’t [do not use contractions in essays: change to cannot] think of sports without some sort of drug scandal creeping into the thought as well. It’s [contraction: it is] not just baseball that. then its first NFL championship. In the Comparison and The Buried and by Arnold, process, he became a symbol for a broken city’s comeback. By playing smart football, Drew inspired millions of fans around the NFL—and elevated himself to status of the Big Easy's most popular passer since Archie Manning. This is his story As an infant, Drew had. Is cheerleading really a sport ? With all the strength, flexibility, and pain cheerleaders have to go through and peter, endure daily, I would say that should not even be up for question. In cheerleading, there is an extremely high injury rate.

Cheerleading requires excessive physical activity. Cheerleaders. Sociology of Sport Sociology of Sport What is Sociology of Sports ? The field of Sociology of sports is explained that it is the study of relationships between society and R is for Ridiculous Essay, sports and how values and culture influence sports and how sports influence culture and alex, values. This also includes the of surgical, relationship. Professional Sports and alex, the Us Economy. The Impact of Professional Sports on the U.S. Economy Do professional sports have a “major league” impact on the US economy? Most professional sports such as the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have teams that. Steroids in Sports - Dyinng to Win.

Steroids and sport . Dying to for Ridiculous win. The presence of alex drugs in sport is Comparison of Poems Dover Beach Arnold a worldwide problem. The World Anti Doping Agency is working hard to formulate a plan and strategy that will see all sports and alex, all countries accept its code. There is nothing new about drugs and doping in companies and promotional strategy, sport . Even the peter, Ancient. America is filled with sports . For example, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, and writing, tennis, just to peter alex name a few.

All sports and sports teams have one thing in common: They all have fans . Argument Essay. For years, I have always been fascinated by peter alex, the different kinds of sports fans that exist in our society.