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Ancient chinese compasses

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Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Compass

Ancient chinese compasses

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biograohy Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor and a three-time Academy Award® nominee. Ancient. DiCaprio#8217;s 5th collaboration with Director Martin Scorsese #8220;The Wolf of Wall Street#8221; is available on Relationship Banking Sector Essay Blu-ray DVD now. DiCaprio starred as Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby”, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Prior to “The Great Gatsby”, he starred in #8220;Django Unchained,#8221; where he received a Golden Globe nomination for his work. As the title role in “J. Edgar”, under the chinese compasses direction of Clint Eastwood, he received Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award® nominations for his work in define the film. Additionally, he starred in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Inception,” and compasses, the dramatic thriller “Shutter Island,” which marked his fourth collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. DiCaprio earned an Oscar® nomination in 2007 for his performance in Edward Zwick’s drama “Blood Diamond,” also receiving Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award® nominations for his work in the film. That same year, he garnered Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, Critics’ Choice Award and effects, SAG Award® nominations for his role in the Oscar®-winning Best Picture “The Departed,” directed by Scorsese. He also shared in a SAG Award® nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance as a member of the ensemble cast of “The Departed.” He previously earned an Academy Award® nomination for his performance in Scorsese’s acclaimed 2004 biopic “The Aviator.” DiCaprio’s portrayal of Howard Hughes in that film also brought him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama, as well as Critics’ Choice and chinese compasses, BAFTA Award nominations. He was also honored with two SAG Award® nominations, one for management, Best Actor and another for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance as part of the “The Aviator” cast.

In addition to his acting work, DiCaprio launched his own production company, Appian Way. Ancient Chinese Compasses. Under the Appian Way banner, he wrote, produced and narrated the hard soft acid acclaimed environmentally themed documentary “The 11th Hour.” Among Appian Way’s other productions are the aforementioned “Shutter Island” and compasses, “The Aviator,” as well as “The Ides of March,” “Red Riding Hood,” “Orphan,” “Public Enemies” and A Lesson While Living, the soon to be released “Out of the Furnace” starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson and “Runner, Runner” starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Born in Hollywood, California, DiCaprio started acting at the age of 14. His breakthrough feature film role came in Michael Caton-Jones’ 1993 screen adaptation of Tobias Wolff’s autobiographical drama “This Boy’s Life.” That same year, he co-starred in Lasse Hallstrom’s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” earning his first Oscar® and Golden Globe nominations for his performance as a mentally handicapped young man. In addition, he won the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s New Generation Award for his work in the film. In 1995, DiCaprio had starring roles in three very different films, beginning with Sam Raimi’s Western, “The Quick and the Dead.” He also garnered praise for his performance as drug addict Jim Carroll in the harrowing drama “The Basketball Diaries,” and for chinese compasses, his portrayal of disturbed pansexual poet Arthur Rimbaud in Agnieszka Holland’s “Total Eclipse.” The following year, DiCaprio starred in Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary screen adaptation of define impression “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet,” for which he won the ancient chinese compasses Best Actor Award at treaty dbq the Berlin International Film Festival. He also joined an all-star ensemble cast in “Marvin’s Room,” sharing in a SAG Award® nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance.

What issue do you care about the most? New documentary #8220;Before The Flood#8221; to air globally on NatGeo on October 30th. Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to ancient climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet. Leonardo calls for climate action at Mayors summit in soft Paris. Leonardo addresses Mayors and local leaders gathered in Paris on the importance of switching to renewable energy to tackle the climate crisis. Leonardo joins artists and public leaders at the Global Citizen Festival. Leonardo joins artists and public figures from around the world to celebrate the chinese adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at Gaines Essay the 2015 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York. Leonardo Addresses the ancient chinese World Economic Forum in Davos. In January, Leonardo DiCaprio attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to receive the prestigious Crystal Award. The award is given to artists and cultural leaders who are helping to address the world#8217;s humanitarian and environmental challenges, including climate change.

Leonardo calls for climate action at Mayors summit in Paris. Leonardo addresses Mayors and local leaders gathered in Paris on the importance of switching to negative renewable energy to ancient chinese tackle the climate crisis. Leonardo DiCaprio honored with SAG Foundation#8217;s #8216;Actors Inspiration Award#8217; Leonardo DiCaprio received the nonprofit Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s single “Actors Inspiration Award” at the SAG Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, November 5th at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Define Impression. Leonardo joins artists and public leaders at the Global Citizen Festival. Leonardo joins artists and public figures from around the world to ancient compasses celebrate the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at negative effects the 2015 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York.

Leonardo and LDF join more than 400 institutions pledging to divest from fossil fuels. Leonardo and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation announced today they are joining over 400 institutions and 2,000 individuals participating in the pledge Divest-Invest pledge, along with governments and investors from ancient compasses, 43 countries. 2nd Annual LDF Gala raises over define management $40 million. LDF held its annual fundraising gala in compasses St. Tropez raising more than $40 Million to protect Earth’s last wild places and A Lesson Living by Ernest Essay, implement solutions to preserve and ancient chinese compasses, save the environment. Define Management. Leonardo#8217;s new film #8216;The Revenant#8217; set in ancient Canadian wilderness. Leonardo DiCaprio will play the Living by Ernest Gaines Essay role of Hugh Glass in upcoming film The Revenant, shot entirely with natural light in the remote wilderness of Canada. Ancient Chinese Compasses. Copyright Greenhour, Inc.

All rights reserved.

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sample google resume This sample demonstrates how to use the Launcher Shortcuts API introduced in Android 7.1 (API 25). This API allows an application to define a set of Intents which are displayed as when a user long-presses on compasses the app's launcher icon. Examples are given for registering both links both statically in XML, as well as dynamically at runtime. This sample demonstrates the use of the Autofill Framework. It includes implementations of negative, client Activities that want to ancient compasses, be autofilled, and a Service that can provide autofill data to the ewells, client Activities.

For simplicity, this sample's service uses mock data to autofill what it thinks are username and password text fields. This sample demonstrates the chinese compasses, use of the Autofill Framework. It includes implementations of client Activities that want to be autofilled, and a Service that can provide autofill data to client Activities. Treaty. For simplicity, this sample's service uses mock data to autofill what it thinks are username and compasses password text fields. This sample demonstrates how to use the Downloadable Fonts feature introduced in Android O. Downloadable Fonts is a feature that allows apps to request a certain font from a provider instead of bundling it or downloading it themselves. This means, there is no need to bundle the font as an asset.

This sample demonstrates how to use the Downloadable Fonts feature introduced in Android O. Downloadable Fonts is a feature that allows apps to request a certain font from a provider instead of bundling it or downloading it themselves. This means, there is no need to bundle the font as an asset. This sample demonstrates usage of EmojiCompat support library. You can use this library to prevent your app from showing missing emoji characters in Relationship and Sales Essay the form of tofu (?). Ancient Chinese Compasses. You can use either bundled or downloadable emoji fonts. This sample shows both usages. This sample demonstrates usage of EmojiCompat support library. Negative Of Advertising. You can use this library to prevent your app from showing missing emoji characters in the form of tofu (?).

You can use either bundled or downloadable emoji fonts. Ancient Chinese Compasses. This sample shows both usages. Demonstration of the effects, JobScheduler API, which provides an interface for scheduling background tasks when certain tasks apply. Demonstration of using channels to chinese compasses, categorize notifications by impression, topic. This feature was added in Android O, and allows users to have fine-grained control over their notification preferences. Demonstration of using channels to categorize notifications by topic. This feature was added in ancient Android O, and effects allows users to ancient chinese compasses, have fine-grained control over their notification preferences. This sample demonstrates basic usage of Picture-in-Picture mode for handheld devices.

The sample plays a video. The video keeps on playing when the While, app is turned in to Picture-in-Picture mode. Ancient Chinese Compasses. On Picture-in-Picture screen, the app shows an action item to pause or resume the video. This sample demonstrates basic usage of Picture-in-Picture mode for handheld devices. The sample plays a video. A Lesson While By Ernest. The video keeps on playing when the app is turned in to Picture-in-Picture mode. On Picture-in-Picture screen, the app shows an action item to pause or resume the video.

This sample shows runtime permissions available in Android M and above. It shows how to check and request permissions at runtime, handle backwards compatibility using the support library and how to declare optional permissions for M-devices only. These samples demonstrate how to use AAudio API: 1. hello-aaudio sample: creates an output stream 1. Ancient Compasses. echo sample: creates output and input streams, then play via loopback android-ndk thread addresses some of the possible questions surrounding the new API. A sample that demonstrates to use registered fingerprints to authenticate the user in your app. This sample demonstrates how to write an application which accepts rich content (such as images) sent from a keyboard using the Commit Content API. This sample demonstrates how to write an keyboard which sends rich content (such as images) to text fields using the of versailles, Commit Content API. Sample demonstrating how to store data in a device protected storage which is always available while the device is booted both before and after any user credentials(PIN/Pattern/Password) are entered.

A sample that demonstrates to use registered fingerprints to authenticate the user in your app. A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the Firebase APIs on Android. Ancient Chinese. For more information, see This sample shows a simple service that sends notifications using NotificationCompat. It also extends the notification with Remote Input to dbq, allow Android N devices to ancient chinese, reply via text directly from the notification without having to hard base, open an App. The same Remote Input object also allows Android Auto users to respond by voice when the notification is presented there. Note: Each unread conversation from a user is sent as a distinct notification. This phone application uses the enhanced notifications API to display recipe instructions using paged notifications.

After starting the application on your phone, you can browse from a short list of recipes and select one to view. Each recipe is broken down into chinese compasses, a number of steps; when ready, you can click on the START action in the action bar to send the steps to the wearable. On the wearable device, the steps are displayed as a multi-page notification, with one page for each step in the recipe. A simple sample that demonstrates watch faces and complications for Wear 2.0. A simple sample that demonstrates Navigation and Action Drawers, part of The Importance of Customer Relationship in the Banking Sector Essay, Material Design for Wear. Sample demonstrates how to determine if a high-bandwidth network is chinese compasses available for the ewells use cases that require a minimum network bandwidth, such as streaming media or downloading large files. Ancient Compasses. In addition, the negative of advertising, sample demonstrates best practices for asking a user to add a new Wi-Fi network for high-bandwidth network operations if the bandwidth of currently available networks is inadequate. This sample shows you how to chinese compasses, use ActionBarCompat to soft, create a basic Activity which displays action items.

It covers inflating items from a menu resource, as well as adding an item in code. This sample shows you how to use ActionBarCompat with a customized theme. It utilizes a split action bar when running on ancient chinese a device with a narrow display, and shows three tabs. Notification Groups and the Notification Manager can be used together to simplify how users experience notifications. This sample demonstrates how the NotificationManager can tell you how many notifications your application is currently showing. It also shows how to manage the notifications as a group and negative of advertising introduce a summary for the group, when supported by the platform. This sample demonstrates how to check network connectivity with Android APIs.

This sample demonstrates how to chinese compasses, transfer large files via Android Beam. The Ewells. After the initial handshake over NFC, file transfer will take place over a secondary high-speed communication channel such as Bluetooth or WiFi Direct. This feature requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above. Unlike traditional Beam, your application will not receive an Intent on chinese the receiving device. Instead, the system will save the file to disk and display a notification that the the ewells, user can select to open the file using a standard ACTION_VIEW Intent. Sample demonstrating how to advertise small amounts of data using the Bluetooth Low Energy API. Also demonstrates how to scan for those Advertisements. (requires 2 devices to see full operation) This sample demonstrates how to use the ancient chinese, Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) to transmit arbitrary data between devices. This sample demonstrates how to use CardView introduced in the support library in Android 5.0.

Sample demonstrating how to show some options directly in the list of share intent candidates. Sample demonstrating the basic usage of the of advertising, new 'Document Centric Apps' API. Ancient Chinese Compasses. It let's you create new documents in the system overview menu and persists its state through reboots. This demo implements a real-time high-dynamic-range camera viewfinder, by alternating the sensor's exposure time between two exposure values on the ewells even and odd frames, and then compositing together the ancient, latest two frames whenever a new frame is treaty of versailles dbq captured. Demonstrates basic usages of Vulkan APIs. This sample showcases the chinese compasses, available notification styles on a device and wearable. Sample demonstrating the soft acid, use of RecyclerView to layout elements with a LinearLayoutManager and with a GridLayoutManager.

It also demonstrates how to handle touch events on elements. Sample demonstrating how to use an accelerometer sensor as input for a physics-based view. This sample shows how to display a pop up menu using PopupMenu from the v7 appcompat library. This sample shows you how a provide a context-sensitive ShareActionProvider with ActionBarCompat, backwards compatible to API v7. This sample provides a basic example of using an InstrumentationTest to probe the internal state of an chinese, Activity. This sample shows how to The Importance in the Essay, use scene transitions from chinese, one Activity to another in treaty of versailles dbq Lollipop. Uses a combination of changeImageTransform and changeBounds to transition a grid of images to an Activity with a large image and detail text. This sample demonstrates how to request and display an AdMob banner ad in an Android application. The app contains a single, Hello World activity with a banner at the bottom of its layout. This sample demonstrates how to request and ancient chinese display an AdMob interstitial ad in an Android application. The code illustrates how to instantiate an InterstitialAd object, preload an interstitial, and then display it.

The app's UI contains a single activity with a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero, the user can tap a retry button to display an interstitial and begin the The Importance of Customer Relationship in the Banking Essay, countdown over again. This sample demonstrates how to ancient chinese compasses, request and display an the ewells, ad from AdMob Native Ads Express in ancient compasses an Android application. The app loads and displays a single ad at the bottom of its activity. This sample demonstrates how to request and display an ad from AdMob Native Ads Advanced in an Android application. The app displays an While Living Essay, ad at the top of its activity, and offers a few checkboxes and a button you can use to request different native ad formats. This is an advanced example application that covers a number of features in the AdMob and DoubleClick For Publishers APIs.

It uses methods provided by the Mobile Ads SDK for ancient targeting, sizing, exclusions, custom events, and more. Immersive Mode, added in The Importance of Customer in the Sector Android 4.4, improves the hide full screen and hide nav bar modes by letting users swipe the bars in and out. This sample lets the user experiment with immersive mode by seeing how it interacts with some of the other UI flags related to full-screen apps. Sample demonstrating sync of calendar events to a wearable by the press of a button. A basic sample showing how to support ambient mode for native Android Wear apps. This sample demonstrates how to set restrictions to chinese compasses, other apps as a profile owner.

Use the AppRestrictionSchema sample to set restrictions. A basic app showing how to allow a device administrator to restrict user activities using the Android Device Administration API. The app exports a custom policy that enables or disables a UI control. Device Administration applications are able to enforce a specific value for this policy, as directed by enterprise administrators. A sample that demonstrates the use of the App Restriction feature on hard base devices with multiuser support. A basic app showing how to use App usage statistics API to let users collect statistics related to usage of the applications. The sample demos how to use OpenSL ES to create a player and recorder in Android Fast Audio Path, and connect them to loopback audio. Ancient Chinese. On most android devices, there is a optimized audio path that is tuned up for impression low latency purpose.

The sample creates player/recorder to work in chinese this highly optimized audio path(sometimes called native audio path, low latency path, or fast audio path). The application is validated against the ewells, the following configurations: * Android L AndroidOne * Android M Nexus 5, Nexus 9 This sample uses the new Android Studio with CMake support, and ancient chinese shows how to use shared stl lib with android studio version 2.2.0, see CMakeLists.txt for details. This sample demonstrates how to the ewells, create an ancient compasses, accessible application, using a mix of different widgets demonstrating different ways of adding accessibility markup to a UI. An advanced sample displaying the creation and usage of define management, data integrity mechanisms. This sample shows how to search for contacts, displaying a SearchView in the Action Bar for ancient chinese user input and implementing a query Cursor with CommonDataKinds.Contactables. This sample detects gestures on a view and logs them. In order to try this sample out, try dragging or tapping the text.

Sample demonstrating the use of immersive mode to hide the system and navigation bars for full screen applications. This sample demonstrates basic functionalities of Managed Profile API introduced in management Android 5.0 Lollipop. Chinese. You can set up this app as a profile owner, and use this app to dbq, enable/disable apps in the newly created managed profile. Ancient Chinese Compasses. You can also set restrictions to some apps, enable/disable Intent forwarding between profiles, and wipe out all the data associated with the profile. This sample shows how to use the negative of advertising, MediaCoder to decode a video, use a TimeAnimator to sync the rendering commands with the system display frame rendering and compasses finally render it to a TextureView. This sample demonstrates the use of the MediaRouter API to display content on a secondary display. Use the Media Route Action Item in the ActionBar to select an treaty of versailles, output device. If your device supports Miracast wireless displays, you may need to enable Wireless Display functionality in the system settings. Ancient Chinese Compasses. Secondary screen simulation can also be enabled from the Developer Options. Once connected, use the Change Color button to change the background color of the secondary screen. Sample demonstrates the use of MotionEvent properties to effects of advertising, keep track of individual touches across multiple touch events.

A basic app showing how to display events in the system's notification bar using the NotificationCompat API. NotificationCompat API is used for compatibility with older devices, running Android 1.6 (Donut) (API level 4) or newer. This sample demonstrates using RenderScript to perform basic image manipulation. Specifically, it allows users to dynamically adjust the saturation for ancient an image using a slider. The Importance Relationship Essay. A custom RenderScript kernel performs the saturation adjustment, running the computation on the device's GPU or other compute hardware as deemed appropriate by ancient chinese compasses, the system. This sample demonstrates using SyncAdapter to fetch background data for treaty an app. It covers the creation of the required Service that the chinese, OS uses to initiate the background data sync as well as scheduling syncs with background data. A basic app showing how to use the While Gaines, Transition framework introduced in KitKat. Ancient. The app shows radioboxes to select between different Scenes, and uses various ways to impression management, transition between them.

Sample demonstrating how to set up SensorEventListeners for step detectors and step counters. Bitmap Plasma is an Android sample that uses JNI to render a plasma effect in an Android Bitmap from C code. This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This sample shows how to implement two-way text chat over Bluetooth between two Android devices, using all the ancient chinese compasses, fundamental Bluetooth API capabilities. This sample demonstrates the impression, borderless button styling from the Holo visual language. Styling is applied in the XML resource layout definitions, referecing the styling attributes from the ancient compasses, Holo theme. This sample demonstrates how to use basic functionalities of Camera2 API.

You can learn how to iterate through characteristics of all the define, cameras attached to the device, display a camera preview, and take pictures. This sample demonstrates using the Camera2 API to capture a JPEG and ancient chinese compasses RAW sensor frame. Check the source code to see a typical example of how to display the camera preview; run auto-focus, auto-exposure metering, and auto-white-balance; capture a JPEG and RAW image for the same sensor frame; and save these into MediaStore for use in of versailles dbq other applications. This sample shows how to record video using the new Camera2 API in Android Lollipop. This sample demonstrates how to emulate an NFC card, using the host card emulation feature added in Android 4.4. This sample makes the device appear as a loyalty card whenever the screen is on and the user taps their device on an appropriately configured NFC reader. Ancient. The CardReader sample can be used to read the loyalty card implemented in this sample. This sample demonstrates how to implement a low-level NFC card reader, for reading cards that do not contain NDEF or Android Beam data. This sample is designed to read the virtual loyalty card implemented in the CardEmulation sample. Negative. In particular, this sample demonstrates how to disable Android Beam, select which AIDs the reader is interested, and establish communication with the card. A basic app showing how to ancient compasses, clip on a View using ViewOutlineProvider interface, by which a View builds its outline, used for shadowing and clipping.

A sample that demonstrates how to use device credentials (PIN, Pattern, Password) in your app. This sample demonstrates how to The Importance and Sales Banking Sector, create custom checkable layouts, for use with ListView's choiceMode attribute. This sample demonstrates notifications with custom content views. The use of collapsed and ancient chinese expanded notification views are shown. This sample shows how to implement a custom Transition extending the standard Transition class. This sample demonstrates how to work with a WearableListenerService, to produce and consume DataEvents and effectively work with the DataLayer. Demonstrates how to create a DelayedConfirmationView in the ewells your wearable app. In this sample, pressing a button on the phone app sends a message to the wearable to start a simple activity. This activity displays a DelayedConfirmationView that starts when the user presses Start Timer. Then, callbacks are implemented on both the wearable and chinese compasses phone to show when the timer is selected or finishes. Relationship And Sales Banking Sector. The activity on the wearable uses BoxInsetLayout to automatically apply appropriate margins based on whether the display is ancient square or circular.

This sample demonstrates how to use some device owner features. Relationship In The Sector Essay. As a device owner, you can configure global settings such as automatic time and timezone. You can mandate a specific launcher by ancient, preferred intent handler. A basic app showing how to use Directory Selection API to let users select an entire directory subtree, which extends the Storage Access Framework introduced in Android 4.4 (API level 19). Sample demonstrating how to load large bitmaps efficiently off the main UI thread, caching bitmaps (both in memory and on impression disk), managing bitmap memory and displaying bitmaps in UI elements such as ViewPager and chinese ListView/GridView. This sample shows how to relinquish identity to activities above it in the task stack. This sample shows how to create a custom view in the ActionBar to show a done button, using 2 alternative layouts. This is well suited for simple data entry activities, where the only options for acid theory the user are to cancel or confirm the data changes. This sample demonstrates how to request and display a DoubleClick For Publishers banner ad in an Android application. Compasses. The app contains a single, Hello World activity with a banner at the bottom of treaty of versailles, its layout.

This sample demonstrates how to request and display an chinese, ad from DoubleClick for of Customer Relationship and Sales in the Banking Essay Publishers Custom Rendering in an Android application. The app displays an ad at the top of its activity, and offers a few checkboxes and a button you can use to chinese, request different native ad formats. This project is an advanced native ads example intended to show how publishers might construct a list-based user experience (such as a news feed might have) that incorporates multiple native ad formats. The project uses a single activity that maintains a ListView and an array of items. Most of these items are mocked listings for real estate, which stand in define impression example application data. Placed among the sample listings are AdPlacement objects. These objects us AdFetchers to ancient, request ads from DFP Custom Rendering, construct NativeAdView instances to display them, and The Importance Relationship and Sales in the Sector cache references to individual asset views in AdViewHolders. Most of the AdPlacement classes handle a single type of ad.

The MultiFormatAdPlacement, however, can request and display App Install, Content, and chinese either of two custom template formats. This sample demonstrates how to request and display a DoubleClick For Publishers interstitial ad in an Android application. Of Versailles. The code illustrates how to instantiate a PublisherInterstitialAd object, preload an interstitial, and then display it. The app's UI contains a single activity with a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero, the user can tap a retry button to display an ancient chinese compasses, interstitial and begin the countdown over again. Sample that shows applying tinting and color filters to Drawables both programmatically and as Drawable resources in XML. Tinting is set on a nine-patch drawable through the tint and tintMode parameters.

A color state list is referenced as the tint color, which defines colors for different states of a View (for example disabled/enabled, focused, pressed or selected). Programmatically, tinting is applied to treaty of versailles dbq, a Drawable through its setColorFilter method, with a reference to ancient, a color and hard acid a PorterDuff blend mode. Ancient. The color and blend mode can be changed from the UI to see the effect of different options. This sample demonstrates ways to soft base, move a view in the z-axis using setTranslationZ() . This method was introduced in chinese API Level 21 ('Lollipop'). This sample demonstrates a drag and soft theory drop action on different shapes. Elevation and z-translation are used to ancient chinese, render the of advertising, shadows and the views are clipped using different Outlines.

A basic sample showing how to add extensions to notifications on wearable using NotificationCompat.WearableExtender API by providing a chat experience. Endless Tunnel is a sample game that shows how to: - use the Android Studio C++ support - implement a game using Android native glue - implement joystick support, including robust DPAD navigation for non-touch screens It is NOT the goal of this sample to show the best way to write the game logic, load resources, etc. The game itself was intentionally kept rudimentary in order to keep the focus on ancient chinese the Android Studio C++ integration. For example, this game contains textures and acid base theory geometry hard-coded in code, which works for small demo games like this one, but doesn't scale well to real games. This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support.

This sample application notifies you when you may have left your phone behind (specifically, when your companion and wearable disconnect). If you have misplaced your phone, but it is still connected to your wearable, you can also start an activity on the wearable to ancient chinese, sound an alarm on your phone. Sample demonstrating the use of an Activity in hard base theory a wearable application. The sample uses the ancient chinese, screen as a flashlight. This sample shows the two sizes of Floating Action Buttons and how to interact with them. When the user enters the The Importance Sector, vicinity of the ancient compasses, Android building (B44) or the Yerba Buena Gardens near the Moscone center in San Francisco, a notification silently appears on effects of advertising their wearable with an ancient chinese compasses, option to check in. This notification automatically disappears when they leave the area, and reappears the next time they are at soft acid base theory, one of these locations. Demonstrates how to implement a GridViewPager in your wearable app. Hello GL2 is an Android C++ sample that draws a triangle using GLES 2.0 API.

It uses JNI to do the rendering in C++ over a GLSurfaceView created from a regular Android Java Activity. This sample uses the ancient chinese, new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. Hello JNI is an Android sample that uses JNI to call C code from define, a Android Java Activity. This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This sample is an Aadd-on to Hello JNI sample to demonstrate calling back to ancient chinese compasses, Java from C code - create a java class instance from C code - call java class static and non-static member functions This sample uses the treaty of versailles dbq, new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. Hello-Libs is an Android sample that demos 3rd party native lib management with Android Studio. This sample shows how to ancient chinese compasses, implement tabs, using Fragments and a ViewPager. One of the features introduced in KitKat is immersive mode. Immersive mode gives the user the ability to show/hide the status bar and navigation bar with a swipe.To try, click the Toggle immersive mode button, then try swiping the bar in and out! This sample demonstrates the use of animation interpolators and The Importance Relationship and Sales Banking path animations for Material Design . A basic sample showing how to use the Gravity sensor on the wearable device by counting how many jumping jacks you have performed.

This sample demonstrates new features for notifications introduced in Android L. These features include heads-up notifications, visibility, people, category and priority metadata. This sample shows how to implement an audio media app that provides media library metadata and playback controls through a standard service. It exposes a simple music library through the new MediaBrowserService and provides MediaSession callbacks. This allows it to be used in Android Auto, for example. When not connected to a car, the app has a very simple UI that browses the chinese, media library and provides simple playback controls. When connected to Android Auto, the same service provides data and callback to the Android Auto UI in the same manner as it provides them to A Lesson While Living Gaines, the local UI. This sample shows how to use the Media Effects APIs that were introduced in ancient compasses Android 4.0. This sample uses the camera/camcorder as the define management, A/V source for the MediaRecorder API. A TextureView is ancient chinese used as the camera preview which limits the code to API 14+.

This can be easily replaced with a SurfaceView to run on older devices. Demonstrates how to create a custom media route provider. Sample demonstrating how to define management, use the chinese compasses, MIDI API to receive and process MIDI signals coming from an attached device. Sample demonstrating how to use the MIDI API to receive and play MIDI messages coming from an attached input device (MIDI keyboard). This sample demonstrates the use of the multi-window API available in Android N. It shows the use of new Intent flags and AndroidManifest properties to define the multi-window behavior. Switch the of versailles dbq, sample app into multi-window mode to see how it affects the lifecycle and behavior of the app. Native Activity is an ancient chinese, Android sample that initializes a GLES 2.0 context and negative effects of advertising reads accelerometer data from C code using Native Activity. This sample uses the ancient, new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This sample demonstrates how to request and display ads from AdMob Native Ads Express in an Android application using the RecyclerView widget.

The RecyclerView widget is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. Define Management. This widget helps simplify the display and compasses handling of large data sets by allowing the layout manager to determine when to reuse (recycle) item views that are no longer visible to the user. Recycling views improves performance by the ewells, avoiding the creation of unnecessary views or performing expensive findViewByID() lookups. Native Audio is an Android sample that plays and records sounds with the C++ OpenSLES API using JNI. The recorder / players created are not in chinese fast audio path.

This sample uses the of Customer Relationship and Sales, new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. Native Plasma is an Android sample that renders a plasma effect in a Bitmap from C code using Native Activity. Ancient Chinese Compasses. This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This example illustrates a common usage of the DrawerLayout widget in the Android support library. This sample demonstrates how to the ewells, connect to the network and fetch raw HTML using HttpsURLConnection. AsyncTask is used to perform the fetch on a background thread.

This sample demonstrates how to use NFC to provision a new device with a device owner. Device owner is a specialized type of device administrator that can control device security and compasses configuration. This sample itself is not a device owner, but it is a programming app that sends NFC message to an unprovisioned peer device and tells it to set up the specified device owner app. This sample demonstrates how to display PDF document on screen using the PdfRenderer introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop. This sample demonstrates how to use the PermissionRequest API to securely provide access to restricted system features (such as a camera or microphone) from the ewells, within a WebView. Compasses. In this example, a dialog is created to allow users to impression management, explicitly approve or reject each request. This sample uses Google Play Services Wearable Data APIs to ancient chinese, communicate between applications on a phone and of versailles dbq a paired wearable device. Users can create quiz questions on the phone, each of which has an associated DataItem.

These DataItems are then received on the wearable, which displays them as notifications. Each notification contains the question as the first page, followed by chinese, answers as actions. When an soft acid base, answer is selected, the corresponding question's DataItem is updated, which allows the phone application to update the status of the question (i.e. did the user answer it correctly or not) and prompt the next question. RenderScriptIntrinsic sample that demonstrates how to use RenderScript intrinsics. Chinese. Creates several RenderScript intrinsics and shows a filtering result with various parameters. Also shows how to extends RedioButton with StateListDrawable.

Introductory text that explains what the sample is intended to demonstrate. Edit in treaty dbq template-params.xml. Sample demonstrating circular reveal effect. Chinese Compasses. It covers creating an ViewAnimationUtils as well as defining the impression management, parameters of the circular reveal including starting position and radius. This basic sample shows runtime permissions available in the Android M and above. It shows how to use the new runtime permissions API to check and request permissions through the ancient compasses, support library. A sample that shows how you can handle remote data that requires permissions both on a wearable device and a mobile device. This app is designed to show how to build live TV channel apps for Android TV using the TV Input Framework (TIF). The sample is a service that once installed, is recognized and run by the default TV app (e.g.

Live Channels app). San Angeles is an Android port of a demo that uses GLES C/API to render a procedural scene. See the original README for more details about the original GLES port. The sample demos: - ABI APK split. This sample demonstrates how to use the Scoped Directory Access API introduced in Android N to easily access to A Lesson While Living, specific directories such as Pictures, Downloads instead of requesting READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE or WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in your manifest. This sample demonstrates how to use Media Projection API to capture device screen in real time and show it on a SurfaceView. Sensor graph is ancient a C++ Android sample that read current accelerometer values and draw them using OpenGL. It demonstrate usage of the following Native C++ API: - Assets This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This sample is a basic skeleton app which can be used as a starting point for wear development. A basic sample which shows how to use SlidingTabLayout to display a custom ViewPager title strip which gives continuous feedback to the user when scrolling.

A more advanced sample which shows how to use SlidingTabLayout to display a custom ViewPager title strip, with custom coloring for each tab. Sample demonstrates recording location and speed with a Wear device in mind. Location is hard acid retrieved via FusedLocatinProvider which retrieves coordinates from the phone or Wear depending on whether the ancient, phone is The Importance of Customer and Sales Banking Essay disconnected or not and whether the Wear device has a GPS chip. Using the OPEN_DOCUMENT intent, a client app can access a list of Document Providers on the device, and choose a file from any of them. This sample shows how to implement a simple documents provider using the storage access framework available in Android 4.4. A basic sample which shows how to use SwipeRefreshLayout to add the 'swipe-to-refresh' gesture to a View, enabling the ability to trigger a refresh from compasses, swiping down on the view. In this sample the View which can be refreshed is a ListView.

A sample which shows how to use SwipeRefreshLayout to add 'swipe-to-refresh' gesture to a ListView, enabling the ability to trigger a refresh from swiping down on that view. A sample which shows how to define, use SwipeRefreshLayout to add the 'swipe-to-refresh' gesture to chinese compasses, a layout with multiple children, enabling the by Ernest Gaines, ability to trigger a refresh from swiping down on chinese the visible view. In this sample, SwipeRefreshLayout contains a scrollable GridView, along with a TextView empty view. A basic sample showing how to use simple or synchronized notifications. This allows users to dismiss events from either their phone or wearable device simultaneously. This sample is a Videos By Google app, designed to run on an Android TV device (such as the Nexus Player), which demonstrates how to use the Leanback Support library which enables you to easily develop beautiful Android TV apps with a user-friendly UI that complies with the UX guidelines of Android TV. Teapots is an hard soft theory, collection of Android C++ samples that uses a Teapot rendering to demostrate Android NDK platform features: - classic-teapot: Rendering classic teapot mesh using GLES 2.0 API and NativeActivity. - more-teapots: Rendering multiple instances of Classic Teapot with GLES 3.0 Instance Rendering - Choreographer-30fps: demonstrates multiple frame rate throttoling techniques based on API level using Chreographer API and EGL Android presentation time extension. This sample uses the ancient chinese, new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. This sample illustrates how links can be added to a TextView. This can be done either automatically by The Importance Relationship and Sales in the Sector, setting the autoLink property or explicitly. This sample illustrates the use of ancient, a TextSwitcher to and Sales Banking, display animations for ancient chinese compasses text changes.

This simple wearable app allows the user to set a countdown timer. It runs independently on the wearable with no phone connection. Sample for In-App Billing version 3. This sample shows how to hard acid, implement an audio media app that works across multiple form factors and provide a consistent user experience on Android phones, tablets, Android Auto, Android Wear, Android TV and Google Cast devices. Webp is an Android sample including a small app to demo usage of webp in Native Activity. view: - rotate decoding 3 webp images and load them into on-screen buffer. Decoding is in compasses its own thread This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin. This sample demonstrates how to specify different layouts for negative effects of advertising round and rectangular screens.

Complication Test Suite is ancient chinese compasses a set of complication providers that provide dummy data and it can be used to test how different types of complications render on hard soft acid a watch face. Sample demonstrates best practices for using NotificationStyle Notifications (Inbox, BigPicture, BigText, and Messaging) for both Mobile apps and native/local Android Wear apps. It also covers Notifications on ancient Wear 1.+ and Wear 2.0. A sample that shows how you can record voice using the microphone on a wearable and play the recorded voice or an mp3 file, if the The Importance and Sales Banking Essay, wearable device has a built-in speaker. This sample doesn't have any companion phone app so you need to install this directly on your watch (using adb). Sample demonstrates best practices for checking if connected mobile device has your app installed from an Android Wear 2.+ standalone app and the other way around. This sample aims to be as close to a real world example of a mobile and Wear app combination as possible. It has a more refined design and also provides a practical example of how a mobile app would interact and communicate with its wear counterpart. The app itself is modeled after a hypothetical tourist attractions app that notifies the user when they are in close proximity to notable points of interest. Ancient Compasses. The Wear component shows tourist attraction images and the ewells summary information, and compasses provides quick actions for nearby tourist attractions in a GridViewPager UI component.

gles3jni is an Android C++ sample that demonstrates how to While by Ernest Gaines, use OpenGL ES 3.0 from JNI/native code. The OpenGL ES 3.0 rendering path uses a few new features compared to the OpenGL ES 2.0 path: - Instanced rendering and compasses vertex attribute divisor to reduce the number of draw calls and While by Ernest Gaines Essay uniform changes. - Vertex array objects to ancient compasses, reduce the number of calls required to treaty dbq, set up vertex attribute state on ancient compasses each frame. - Explicit assignment of attribute locations, eliminating the need to query assignments. This sample uses the new Android Studio CMake plugin with C++ support. Except as noted, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. For details and restrictions, see the Content License. Get the latest Android developer news and tips that will help you find success on treaty dbq Google Play.

You have successfully signed up for ancient chinese the latest Android developer news and tips. You requested a page in , but your language preference for this site is . Would you like to change your language preference and browse this site in ? If you want to change your language preference later, use the language menu at the bottom of each page. This class requires API level or higher. This doc is of Customer and Sales in the Banking Essay hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is . Compasses. You can change the documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation. For more information about soft theory specifying the API level your app requires, read Supporting Different Platform Versions.

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constructive essay The following are the seven steps that you will have to ancient chinese compasses go through during the selection process and some helpful hints on how to best approach each step. A final average score of 70% or higher and successful completion of all steps in The Importance in the Banking Sector, the selection process is chinese compasses required to effects be placed on the eligible list. Ancient Compasses! However, eligibility does not guarantee an offer of the ewells employment. The online application consists of two (2) parts: Registered Information - personal application information Application Questionnaire - recruitment source information.

Sections 1-2 will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. You must complete BOTH sections before your application can be processed, and must print the ancient compasses Online Application and bring it with you to the written test. Step 2 - The Personal Qualifications Essay (PQE) The Personal Qualifications Essay (PQE) is administered at the written test site. Treaty! The PQE requires you to write essays in response to ancient chinese compasses questions regarding demonstration of your personal qualifications for Police Officer. Treaty Of Versailles Dbq! Essays will be evaluated based on your written communication skill and demonstrated effectiveness in judgement and decision-making and behavioral flexibility.

Candidates are not successful in ancient, the PQE for hard theory numerous reasons, including the following: Using poor examples that fail to showcase their abilities and potential Failure to ancient provide enough details that would make the essays clear and easier to understand Failure to stay on by Ernest Essay topic (i.e. Ancient Compasses! rambling, too much detail, or irrelevant information) Failure to provide all information asked for in the essay questions (i.e. The Ewells! did not completely answer the questions) Lacks adequate written communication skills (i.e. English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) If you feel that you may need improvement in ancient chinese, your written communication skills, we encourage you to take steps to improve in dbq, this area. You may want to consider taking a college course in business English and/or essay writing. Chinese Compasses! Below are some courses offered through the Los Angeles Community College District that may interest you.* * Course names, numbers, and descriptions from the Los Angeles City College 06-07 Catalog.

For more information on the Los Angeles Community College District, please call (213) 891-2000 or visit Factors Judged During PQE Rating. Written communication skill. Police Officers are required to fill out many different forms, logs, and reports. Correspondingly, Police Officers must write legibly and clearly and have a good working knowledge of English grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and spelling.

Police Officers must be concise, descriptive, and thorough in all written documents. You must read the questions carefully to ensure that your answers are appropriate to the questions. Judgement and decision-making. This has long been part of the ewells what a Police Officer does on a daily basis. Ancient Chinese Compasses! Police Officers are expected to recognize small problems and solve them before they become big problems. They must note trends and develop preventive solutions to of advertising potential long-term problems. Think about problems you have confronted in ancient chinese, the past and how you approached them. Define Impression Management! Why did you do what you did? Would you do it again? Police Officers must be able to work alone, responsible only for their own actions; with a partner, where responsibility is shared; as a member of a team, capable of following the orders of others and working cooperatively with other team members; or as a leader, taking control of a situation and directing or helping others.

Officers must be able to compasses assume these different responsibilities at appropriate times and as circumstances change, often during a single work shift or even during a single event. Plan to talk about your past behavior and how it has prepared you to adapt to this behavioral flexibility. What to think about before taking the PQE. There is no right or wrong answers to the questions. You will be asked to elicit the information needed to evaluate your qualifications for each of the factors discussed above. Each candidate's response will be unique to that candidate, based on his or her life experiences. Prior to your PQE you may want to spend some time reviewing the many events and incidents that make up your personal history and that have helped make you who you are today. Which of these many experiences have prepared you for by Ernest the position of Police Officer and the factors on which you will be rated?

The passing score for the PQE portion is ancient compasses 70% or higher, and your score is valid for 18 months. The Ewells! If you do not pass, you may take the PQE once every three months. Your score determines your rank on the eligible list and what happens next. The City can only consider candidates in order of their score on the list. The highest scoring candidates will be scheduled for additional testing. The lowest scoring candidates will not be considered further. If your score is in the middle, you may be scheduled for some further testing, but there is no guarantee that you will ultimately be successful.

The number of candidates needed (and what score is high enough to be called for further processing) depends on two major factors -- the number of appointments expected and the number of applicants. These numbers can change dramatically over time, with new applicants testing every week, making it impossible to exactly predict what will happen to you. Chinese Compasses! Continuing assessment of While these external factors is done to determine what scores will be needed to ancient chinese compasses fill expected Academy classes. If you have one of the very highest scores, you can expect to be scheduled to take the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) and to complete the Personal History Statement (PHS). If you have one of the lowest passing scores, you will not hear further from the City, but you may recompete (see below) to try to improve your score. If you are in the middle ranges, you will be notified by mail if further processing is of versailles dbq available to candidates with your score.

It is your responsibility to make sure your contact information is up to date. Call (213) 473-9060 to be change your address or other contact information. Plain talk about this test part: Read the essay questions and make sure that you answer the questions that are asked. Reread your answers and ancient chinese, look for careless errors. You will be taking this test with paper and pencil.

You won't be able to rely on spell-check. It's not enough that you know how to write or have created excellent written papers in the past - you have to The Importance of Customer Relationship in the Banking Essay demonstrate your skill on the day of the test. When you write your essays, consider a thoughtful answer to the question before you begin writing. Read the question carefully and answer the question as it is asked. Save time to review your essays and correct any careless grammatical or spelling errors you can find. It's not enough to know proper grammar and ancient compasses, how to spell - you have to demonstrate your knowledge on test day. Don't be overconfident - check your work. Step 3 - Background Investigation and dbq, Polygraph Exam.

Prior to the Initial Background you will be required to complete Personal History Statement, which requires the ancient chinese compasses compilation of extensive biographical information. On the day of the Initial Background, a background investigator will review the Personal History Statement and interview you about any issues noted. You will also be fingerprinted. If, based on A Lesson While Living the information obtained, it appears that you may meet the City's background standards, a thorough field investigation will be conducted. The field investigation includes checks of employment, police, financial, education, and military records and chinese, interviews with family members, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers, and friends. The investigation may take from 60 to 180 days to the ewells complete. Chinese Compasses! You will be evaluated on your past behavior and the extent to which your behavior demonstrates positive traits that support your candidacy for Police Officer. The findings of the background investigation are valid for 12 months.

Plain talk about this test part: Honesty is the best policy. Everyone has done things they're not proud of, but the worst possible action is to try to cover it up. Treaty! Please take time to carefully evaluate your background and experiences before you get started. Click here to see what types of things might negatively impact your progress. Check the Background Information Flyer to ancient see the types of things that are not befitting of a Police Officer. Be prepared to address any that may apply to you. Type or print neatly using black ink when filling out your Personal History Statement. You must do the research necessary to provide accurate answers in every area. Treaty Dbq! I do not remember is not an acceptable answer on your Personal History Statement.

Be well rested and compasses, have a good meal before your background interview. Hunger and thirst can distract you. Dress comfortably. (Business casual, Military Class C Uniform) Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled background interview appointment time. For parking during regular business hours, there are 10-hour meters in the surrounding areas of the building (bring change) and also parking lots within a couple of blocks (Temple Alameda) of the Personnel Building are available for a nominal fee. Of Versailles! Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the chinese compasses background investigation process. The Background Standards for public safety positions in the City of Los Angeles reflect the very high standards demanded of candidates for public safety job classifications and safety sensitive positions within City service. They are designed to management identify the ancient chinese compasses kinds of behaviors which are required of Public Safety Officers serving the citizens of the City of Los Angeles. Each candidate's past choices, judgments, and behaviors will be compared to define management these demanding standards. Candidates who fall short of demonstrating consistently sound decision making, maturity, and responsible past behaviors in compasses, each of these areas will not be further considered for employment in these critical positions. Each Standard represents an area that is essential for success in public safety employment. Positions such as Police Officer, Police Specialist, Port Police Officer, Special Officer, and impression, Firefighter, along with other public safety positions designated by the General Manager, are positions of special public trust for ancient chinese which these exacting standards have been designed.

The City identifies and selects only those individuals with the highest chance of success in their training and in continuing employment in these critical positions. Candidates are asked to critically assess their own background in light of these Standards before beginning the Living by Ernest examination process. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, SENSITIVITY, AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Public Safety Officers must be able to draw on extraordinary levels of tact and diplomacy to chinese achieve their goals while dealing with the diverse population of the City of Los Angeles. They must be able to use advice, appropriate warnings and persuasion to engender cooperation from the public.

Additionally, they must be able to work effectively either as an individual or as a member of a larger team. Each candidate shall demonstrate an understanding of the skills necessary to deal effectively with others in a cooperative and courteous manner. Desired behaviors may include, but are not limited to: Understanding the impact of words and behavior on others, and modifying one's own behavior, comments, or course of action accordingly Concern for effects of advertising the feelings and perspectives of ancient chinese compasses others Demonstration of impartiality in dealing with issues of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, religion, and cultural diversity Use of tact and diplomacy to achieve goals, resolve disputes, and to diffuse or deescalate conflict Ability to work effectively as a member of a team, making appropriate contributions and recognizing the achievements of others. Examples of Potentially Disqualifying Evidence.

Incidents of domestic violence; use of verbal or physical abuse or violence toward others indicating a lack of self-control; inability to A Lesson While Essay get along with others in chinese, work or personal life; failure to listen effectively; use of derogatory stereotypes in jokes or daily language; making rude and/or condescending remarks to or about others; use of physical force to resolve disputes; demonstrated overreaction to criticism; inability to work effectively as a team player; disruptive/challenging to authority; use of harassment, threats, or intimidation to gain an advantage. DECISION MAKING AND JUDGEMENT. Public Safety Officers must possess extraordinarily good sense and must demonstrate through their past behavior that they can analyze a situation quickly, make sound and responsible decisions, and take appropriate action. Desired behaviors may include, but are not limited to the ability to: Critically analyze options and the ewells, determine an appropriate course of ancient chinese compasses action in a given situation Act assertively and without hesitation, but without overreacting Make quick, responsible decisions under pressure Persuade others to own point of view or to of Customer and Sales in the Banking Sector Essay desired course of action Know when to make an exception; exercise appropriate discretion Prioritize competing demands Simultaneously and appropriately address multiple tasks Make appropriate choices without constant supervision or detailed instructions Creatively develop innovative solutions to problems. Examples of chinese Potentially Disqualifying Evidence. Making poor choices given known circumstances; indecision when options are not clear-cut; failure to take action when appropriate or demonstrating insecurity about making a decision ; behavior indicating poor judgment or failure to A Lesson While Living Gaines consider appropriate options; failure to learn from past mistakes; inability or unwillingness to modify a position; rigid adherence to rules without consideration of alternative information; failure to ancient chinese see or consider all options; succumbing to peer pressure. Public Safety Officers must present a background which demonstrates maturity and readiness for such employment. Define! Their past choices must be free from ancient chinese behavior inappropriate to the position being sought. A significant degree of personal discipline must be displayed to ensure that candidates can consistently refrain from negative effects taking actions which may be detrimental to their own health and well-being or the ancient compasses health and well-being of others.

They must be able to maintain their composure and stay in control during critical situations, maintain a positive attitude, and accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive. The Ewells! Desired behaviors may include, but are not limited to the ability to: Refraining from engaging in conduct which, by its very nature, would reflect poorly on the City and limit a Public Safety Officer's ability to do his or her job effectively Adhering to legal and societal constraints and compasses, requirements of of versailles dbq conduct Considering the consequences prior to taking an action Accepting responsibility for compasses past actions and mistakes Taking proper precautions and Banking Essay, avoid unnecessarily risky behavior Using constructive criticism to improve performance Working well in unstructured situations with minimal supervision. Examples of Potentially Disqualifying Evidence. Use of illegal drugs; abuse of alcohol or prescription medications; failure to follow all laws and chinese, common rules of treaty of versailles conduct; associating with individuals who break the law; being argumentative, defensive, or blaming others (or circumstances) for mistakes made; past behavior which indicates a tendency to resort to use of force to gain objectives; overbearing in approach to resolving problems; unnecessarily confrontational taking unnecessary personal risks; placing others at risk through one's own actions; reacting childishly or with anger to ancient chinese criticism or disappointment. HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND PERSONAL ETHICS. Public Safety Officers are required to demonstrate the highest possible personal integrity through their honesty and ethical conduct. They must be able to A Lesson Essay maintain high standards of personal conduct, abide by the law, and demonstrate attributes such as truthfulness and fairness in relationships with others. Each candidate must demonstrate a willingness to work within the system. Examples of behaviors which meet this standard include, but are not limited to: Being truthful in dealings with others Fully cooperating and being completely forthcoming during the pre-employment selection process Admitting and understanding past mistakes Refraining from using employment or a position of ancient chinese authority for personal gain Refraining from bending rules or otherwise trying to beat the While by Ernest system Accepting responsibility for chinese one's own actions.

Examples of Potentially Disqualifying Evidence. Makes false and/or misleading statements or intentionally omits relevant information; purposefully withholds information; minimizes past mistakes or errors; blames others/makes excuses for mistakes; attempts to induce others to give false information; bends the rules or uses a position of authority for personal gain; refuses to accept responsibility for of advertising improper actions; condones the unethical behavior of chinese compasses others through silence; engages in illegal or immoral activities of such a nature that would be offensive to impression contemporary community standards of propriety; theft; fraud. SETTING AND ACHIEVING GOALS. Public Safety Officers are required to demonstrate the ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals. Ancient Chinese Compasses! Candidates for public safety positions can best position themselves for treaty of versailles positive consideration through continuing achievement in the workplace, educational environment, volunteer activities and/or community involvement. Chinese! Each candidate must demonstrate initiative and the ability to follow through on all commitments without constant supervision and detailed instruction. Treaty Of Versailles! Candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to set and achieve goals, their ability to work in a diligent, reliable, and conscientious manner in accordance with specific rules and policies, and their readiness for, and commitment to, public service through the following: Advancement in the workplace through promotion or increased responsibilities Completing work as required and on schedule Meeting high standards for punctuality and attendance Meeting family obligations Educational achievement Involvement in volunteer or community improvement activities Easily meeting unpredictable or unexpected challenges. Examples of potentially disqualifying evidence. Failure to meet commitments to work, school, family, volunteer or community activities. Candidates for public safety positions are held to exacting standards of behavior throughout all aspects of their lives.

Candidates can expect specific inquiry to be made into ancient their past behavior regarding: The exercise of fiscal responsibility and acceptance of responsibility for base theory financial obligations Employing safe driving practices Maintaining stable employment Obeying laws, rules, regulations, and orders Military accomplishments. Examples of potentially disqualifying evidence. Past due accounts, discharged debts, late payments, collection accounts, civil judgments and/or bankruptcy; failure to exercise fiscal responsibility commensurate with income; failure to compasses follow all traffic laws; numerous moving and non-moving violations; at fault traffic accidents; terminations or suspensions from work; reprimands or counseling for poor work performance (including Military service); failure to meet obligations (for example, auto insurance, auto registration, selective service registration, IRS requirements, child support obligations, etc.); law enforcement contacts, arrests, and convictions (as appropriate); other than Honorable discharge from the military. It is in every candidate's best interest to be completely forthcoming and truthful during the background investigation process. Hard Acid Theory! Many candidates are disqualified during the background portion of the selection process as a result of ancient dishonesty. These candidates purposely omit information they think will result in their removal from the selection process, when that may not have been the management case. When this information is later discovered during the background investigation, the candidate is disqualified, but not necessarily for the behavior he or she failed to disclose.

Rather, the candidate is disqualified for chinese what the failure to define impression provide complete, accurate, and ancient, honest information reveals about his or her character. The Polygraph Examination is While Living Essay conducted to ancient chinese compasses confirm information obtained during the The Importance of Customer and Sales in the Sector Essay selection process. Plain talk about this test part: For some, this is the ancient compasses most frightening part of the examination. The Ewells! Relax, be yourself, and tell the truth. You must have had at least 6 hours of sleep the ancient chinese night before your exam. Eight is better! If it takes you over one hour to The Importance of Customer Banking Essay drive to Los Angeles, please consider coming into ancient chinese compasses the City the day before your appointment and treaty, staying at a local hotel or arriving well ahead of your appointment. You must be well rested for your exam. Ancient Chinese Compasses! Have a good meal.

Hunger and thirst can distract you. While Living Essay! Do not wear a suit, tie, long sleeves, jeans, or high heels. Dress comfortably. Wear a short-sleeved, polo style shirt/blouse. (Business Casual) For evening appointments, please report to guard. For daytime appointments, please park in lot on ancient compasses Los Angeles and 2nd street. Do not take polygraph test if you are ill. Remember to relax and be honest. Do not take steps to soft acid theory help yourself pass or attempt to beat the polygraph. Listen only to the examiner's instructions at the time of your polygraph. Step 4 - The Physical Fitness Qualifier.

Effective October 1, 2017, the Physical Abilities Test 1 has been eliminated and replaced with the PFQ on an advisory basis. In order to better prepare for the exam and the physical demands of the academy, you are required to attend the chinese Candidate Advancement Program (CAP) and complete the The Importance Relationship Banking Sector Physical Fitness Qualifier (PFQ). Your score on compasses the PFQ is advisory. You must complete the of advertising PFQ at least once prior to appointment. You are welcome to retake the PFQ as many times as you like, and the score is valid for 12 months. If you score less than a 50 on the PFQ, you are strongly encouraged to compasses attend CAP more regularly and impression management, retake the PFQ. Being part of CAPs will significantly increase your success in the academy.

CAP will also make transitioning to Academy life much easier. If you currently live more than 150 miles away from the Los Angeles area, you should contact your mentor to arrange a PFQ while you are in town completing other test parts. For information regarding CAP and ancient, the PFQ, click here. For a demonstration of the PFQ, click here. The ACADEMY PHYSICAL TRAINING PROGRAM is A Lesson While by Ernest Gaines intense and demanding, and the first physical fitness test occurs during the first week of the Academy. Therefore it is critical that candidates don't wait until they are in the Academy to get into good physical shape. It is ancient compasses recommended to begin a physical conditioning program as soon as you apply. For Physical Preparation Tips to help candidates who want to work out on their own, click here. To help you track your fitness click here to download the Relationship Banking Fitness Log. The PFQ consists of four events: 1) maximum sit-ups in on minute, 2) 300-meter sprint, 3) maximum push-ups in one minute, and 4) 1.5 mile-run.

This is the same physical fitness test that academy recruits take the third day of the chinese compasses police academy. This test measures aerobic capacity. The treadmill is programmed to SIMULATE running 1.5 miles in 14 minutes on a track. Base Theory! During the chinese test, the speed and incline of the While Gaines machine will vary and, as a result, the actual test time is ancient compasses 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Hard Acid Base Theory! The pass/fail score for this test is based upon your completion of this test for compasses the specified period; it will usually be administered after the Medical Evaluation. A panel interview will be conducted to define management assess your personal accomplishment, job motivation, continuous learning orientation, instrumentality, interpersonal skills, and oral communication skills.

Only those candidates who are selected during this part of the process will receive a Conditional Job Offer. If you fail, you may retake the interview after 3 months. If you subsequently attend an Orientation/Oral Prep Seminar, you will not be required to wait 3 months for another interview. Oral Prep is chinese 2nd Thursdays from the ewells 6-7:30 PM. Personnel Department Building. 700 E. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Step 6 - Medical Evaluation and Psychological Evaluation. The medical examination is thorough and it is compasses essential that you be in excellent physical, emotional, and mental health with no conditions that restrict the ability to safely perform the essential functions of the define management police officer job. Good physical condition is necessary, as training in the Academy is chinese rigorous. Hard! Failure to be in excellent physical condition may delay or disrupt training and result in a dismissal from the Academy.

Medical examination results are valid for up to 12 months, at the discretion of the City's medical staff. Written psychological tests (valid for up to 18 months) and the second portion of the PAT will be administered at this time. Each candidate will have their percent of body fat determined during the medical evaluation process. A candidate must not exceed the ancient chinese compasses current body fat percentage standard. The current standard is: Female 30% and Male 22%.

Vision must be at least 20/30 in soft acid base, each eye with the following exceptions. If glasses are worn, vision must be at chinese least 20/30 in each eye while wearing the glasses and uncorrected distance vision must not exceed 20/70 in either eye and the better eye must be at least 20/40. If soft contact lenses are worn, they must have been worn for at least three months and of versailles dbq, vision must be at least 20/30 in each eye tested with the chinese compasses contacts in. If a LASIK procedure (refractive surgery) was performed, vision must be at The Importance of Customer and Sales Essay least 20/30 in each eye. Chinese! In addition, candidates must be able to accurately and quickly name colors, and must be free from other visual impairments that would restrict the ability to perform law enforcement duties. Candidates must be able to understand speech in noisy areas, understand whispered speech, and localize sounds. The Ewells! Specialized testing methods are used to determine hearing capability.

Although hearing aid use is not automatically disqualifying, additional specialized tests will be administered to determine if the chinese use of hearing aids will be permitted. The Psychological Evaluation consists of an individual oral interview and evaluation by a City psychologist on factors related to successful performance in the ewells, the difficult and chinese, stressful job of negative effects Police Officer. The information evaluated includes the written psychological tests completed during the medical evaluation along with information obtained in the background investigation process. Psychological Factors of compasses Concern. Candidates with a history or prior diagnosis of a psychological or psychiatric condition, including learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder, or who have been treated with psychotropic medication or therapy, will be asked to The Importance Banking provide relevant medical records before a final psychological determination can be made.

Certain conditions that have been suspected or diagnosed such as most learning disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity, may require additional testing and review of relevant medical records. In some cases, these conditions/diagnoses are accompanied by functional limitations that might necessitate a psychological disqualification. Conditions such as bipolar disorder, recurring major depression, with or without psychotic features or suicidal ideation, recurring anxiety disorders, with or without panic attacks, obsessive/compulsive disorder, and most diagnoses leading to a psychiatric hospitalization require review of chinese relevant medical records. These conditions are frequently accompanied by management, functional limitations that are difficult to ancient manage, and as a result, tend to the ewells result in ancient, a psychological disqualification. . Be assured, each candidate receives an individualized assessment of his or her unique circumstances, and treaty dbq, no condition or diagnosis is automatically disqualifying. Plain talk about this test part: If you know you had prior treatment or a major injury, go to your doctor in advance and bring your records with you to the examination. Step 7 - Certification and ancient chinese compasses, Appointment. Certification and Appointment are the Banking Sector final steps in the selection process. Ancient Chinese Compasses! To be considered, you must have successfully completed all steps in the process. Certification of a candidate's name to the Police Department does not guarantee appointment to the Police Academy. More names are provided to the Police Department than there are vacancies so that the Department can select those best qualified for negative effects appointment based on results of the ancient chinese compasses interview and test process. Appointments to the Police Academy are made by the Police Department from the civil service eligibility list.

In accordance with City Policies, a pre-employment substance screening for treaty of versailles drugs and chinese, alcohol may be required prior to A Lesson While by Ernest Essay appointment because this classification has been designated as Safety Sensitive.